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We are a global technology partner for healthcare organizations with the unique ability to craft end-to-end digital technology solutions. We help achieve secure and efficient operations, enhance care experiences, deliver value-based healthcare, bring in health equity, and drive insight driven care through our technology expertise and deep domain experience.

Our mission is to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and personalized through intelligent technology solutions."


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Elevating Hospice Care with Technology - Quick Guide on Technology Solutions for Key Hospice Care Challenges


AI as a Service for Healthcare - A Framework for AI/ML Implementations for Healthcare


GAVS’ Rhodium Framework The Success Factor for Value-Based Care Models


Security Challenges and Emerging Trends in Healthcare

Who We Work With


We empower providers to deliver value-based care and enhance patient experience while reducing healthcare costs by capitalizing on next generation technologies such as AI, automation, cloud, and cybersecurity

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We empower payers to support new care delivery and payment models and enhance member experience by capitalizing on AI and automation-led digital health technologies.

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Life Sciences

We empower life sciences organizations to accelerate their digital journey and deliver value at scale which helps transform organizational level pain points to industry benchmark solutions.

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We empower healthtech and medtech companies to accelerate patient outcomes by innovation in and rapid development of mission critical, next generation healthcare applications and products.

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Who We Work With

IP's/Platforms/Frameworks For Healthcare


A robust AIOps solution to enable a resilient healthcare digital environment through efficient IT operations! ZIF™ provides a ‘Single Pane of Glass’ for stakeholders and improves business service reliability through Asset Discovery, Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring, Predictive Analytics, and Automated Remediation.

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AI as a Service

Focused on harvesting the power of Advanced Analytics and AI for smart healthcare operations to improve the holistic health of patients and to drive better health outcomes through preemptive care, while keeping healthcare costs low.

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A blockchain based data fabric framework that enables the shift towards value-based care through its attributes like Single Version of Truth across stakeholders, Decentralized Ownership of Smart Contracts, and Traceability of Transactions throughout the healthcare value chain.

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An integrated platform for HealthCloud enablement powered by AIOps solution ZIF™ that drives hybrid cloud migration, transformation, management, and multi-cloud compatible orchestration. zIrrus catalyzes the DevSecOps cycle, and has Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) use cases.

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A single vendor, end-to-end solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)/Desktop as a Service (DaaS). It enables secure healthcare mobility, while guaranteeing exceptional performance at the best TCO. Integrated with AI, zDesk is self-monitoring and self-healing!

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HIMSS 2023

CxO Spotlight Session
CxO Spotlight Session

Essential Building Blocks for Digital Care Delivery and Management Moderated by Sumit Ganguli – CEO GS Lab | GAVS

HIMSS 2023

Future of EHR is in the Cloud – In partnership with AWS
CxO Spotlight Session

GS Lab | GAVS jointly presented to the topic of how EHR future is on cloud and how hyperscale’s like AWS are prepared for this Journey.

Success Stories

Technology Transformation Partner for the Largest Health and Human Services Provider in New York City

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Robust Security and Resilience for Leading Health Insurer

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Enabling a Leading Healthcare Provider in NY to Enhance IT Infrastructure Management and Improve CSAT Levels

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Technology Partner for one of the Large Integrated Healthcare Systems in the U.S

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AIOps & its Imperative Role in Healthcare
Will AI and Generative AI driven Digital Therapeutics be the keystone in the grand arch for Pharma, as it gears up for more drugs getting off-patent and off-exclusivity?
In Conversation with Seema Kumar – CEO, Cure

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