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Engineering Transparent, Integrated, Cost Effective Next Generation HealthTech Products

We take great pride in being frontline agents of change, driving excellence across the healthcare continuum. Our HealthTech product engineering services and solutions are pivoted on a Digital First strategy led by AI/ML, Automation, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, and DevSecOps. We empower healthtech and medtech companies to accelerate patient outcomes by innovation in and rapid development of mission critical, next generation healthcare applications and products.

90+ healthtech products engineered/
Rapid innovation and time to market using agile methodologies and DevSecOps (CI/CD/CT)
Compliance first approach mth HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 13485

Focus Areas

Technology Consulting
Our comprehensive technology consulting services encompass end-to-end guidance, spanning from architecture and product development to strategic business considerations, delivering tailored technology recommendations.
Digital Product Engineering
Our digital product engineering services specialize in transforming healthcare products and processes into efficient digital solutions across embedded firmware and software layers.
Software Product Engineering
Our software product engineering services leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML, cloud computing, computer vision, generative AI, and more with unparalleled innovation.
Legacy Product/ Platform Modernization
We re-engineer products and platforms with new business models, technology upgrades, and/or enhanced user experience with our modernization services.
Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance services for healthtech are built on a compliance first approach and automation driven philosophy to accelerate time to market with impeccable quality.
Professional Services
Our professional services help transform the enterprise product landscape with end-to-end software implementation services that include customization, integration, and support needs.
User Experience and Design
The complexity of technology products needs to be presented intuitively with a minimalist approach to UI and UX. We understand the challenges in this and help customers craft user experiences which are simple, usable, and delightful even for complex technical products.
Product Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support
We take end-to-end responsibility for EOL products, right from managing and monitoring to providing support for end users till the product is deprecated.

Types of HealthTech Products Engineered/ Re-Engineered

Hardware and Embedded Technology Expertise

Hardware and Embedded Hardware Design

End-to-end expertise across electronic components, multi-layer PCBs, circuits, and hardware assembly

Firmware Development

Firmware application development for bare metal, RTOS, and Linux based systems

Sensors with Wireless Communication and Ultra Low Power Management

Optimizations and building of sensors and Analog Front Ends (AFEs) with wireless communication protocols such as BLE, NFC, WiFi, etc. and various battery options

Success Stories

Insights and Trends


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