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AI-led Infrastrcuture Management
for Healthcare

Revolutionizing Healthcare Infrastructure
with AI-Led Management


Navigating the complexities of healthcare infrastructure presents formidable challenges. Zero application downtime, aging equipment, resource allocation inefficiencies, data security concerns, and the need for operational optimization demand innovative solutions. At GS Lab | GAVS we are at the forefront of healthcare innovation, where the synergy of artificial intelligence (AI) and infrastructure management is revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities operate.

Offerings and Solutions

Our Managed Infrastructure Support includes End User Services, Network Services, Database Services, Server Services, and Storage Services.

Introducing Zero Incident Framework™ (ZIFTM)

An award winning, self-learning AIOps Platform powered by advanced patented Machine Learning (ML) techniques. Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations (AIOps) plays a crucial role in addressing the ITOps complexities of the modern IT landscape. The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables autonomous IT operations to drive organizations towards zero outages and hence zero downtime.

  • It empowers IT to deliver robust, high performing systems that support digital transformation within the enterprise.
  • Leveraging the power of AI on telemetry data ingested in real-time, ZIF™ provides insights and proactively resolves issues predicted by the platform, resulting in consistent availability of application services whenever the end user needs them.
  • Through AI-led predictions and auto-remediation, ZIF™ prevents incidents from happening in the first place, enabling an organization to trend towards becoming a Zero Incident Enterprise™.

Key Features of ZIF

Predictive Analytics
Correlation & Noise Reduction
Agentless Auto Discovery
Intelligent Automation
Agentless Monitoring
Join the AI-Driven Healthcare Revolution

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

By partnering with us, healthcare facilities experience:

Cost Savings

20-30% savings on overall cost if IT Operations

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes and predictive maintenance reduce operational downtime, enabling staff to focus on patient care.

Enhanced Patient Care

Efficient operations translate to better patient experiences, ensuring timely care and improved outcomes.

Success Stories