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A healthcare technology disruptor develops a disease screening & monitoring platform based on speech analysis

About client –

Our client is a leading start-ups in the healthcare technology industry and wanted to use a data-science driven solution for deciphering human health.

Challenge –

Today, newer technologies are now enabling us to use innovative diagnostic approaches wherein our biological markers can be used to pinpoint various ailments. Our client wanted to develop a platform that would diagnose the mental & physical health of patients based on their voice samples.

Solution –

We developed a next-gen data-science based solution that diagnoses medical conditions using a person’s voice as a biomarker. This platform enables users to record short voice samples and turns these into analytical data. This data is used to train data science models that develop a deeper understanding of diseases and underlying health conditions. Developing this end-to-end platform enabled the client to bring forth a new perspective towards methods of screening and early detection.

Download the case study to find out how we developed a data-science based solution to diagnose health issues.

Download Case Study