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Life Sciences

Accelerating the Digital Journey for
Life Sciences Organizations


The Life Sciences industry is increasingly leveraging the transformative impact of digital technologies and intelligent solutions to deliver value and scale to the business landscape. From understanding diseases and engaging with patients to creating innovative products, life sciences organizations are engaging in tech modernization for more data-driven and self-learning business models.

We are uniquely positioned to address organization-level pain points and accelerate digital transformation journeys to deliver industry benchmark solutions and value at scale.

Expert Insights

Will AI and Generative AI driven Digital Therapeutics be the keystone in the grand arch for Pharma, as it gears up for more drugs getting off-patent and off-exclusivity?

By Dr. Vinod Sanjay, Vice President – Life Sciences, GS Lab | GAVS

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AI driven intelligent solutions
Digital engineering
Data management and analytics
AI-driven managed services
Cloud solutions
Digital Validation and Assurance

Digital Solutions for Every Need

AI driven intelligent solutions
Clinical Solutions
  • Understand, aggregate, and derive insights from proprietary and external data to generate hypotheses focused on clinical development and precision medicine approaches
  • Enable analysis on unconventional and unstructured data from varied sources – files, images, EMRs, devices, wearables and sensors, social media listening
  • Strategies for patient segmentation, subpopulations, patient enrollment and engagement –
  • AI-driven clinical trial insights for study monitoring to improve accuracy of RBQM and faster risk prediction/ identification
  • Insights and interpretation for future protocol design
R&D Solutions
  • Molecule screening and compound-target outcome prediction
  • Drug design and optimization based on pattern recognition
  • Compound/ molecule library assessment, selection, re-evaluation/ repurposing
  • AI model for data testing – cellular response, end point prediction, biomarker models, and analysis
  • Predictive drug properties, bioactivity, therapeutic response, potency, and toxicity
Commercial and Marketing Solutions
  • AI-powered marketing intelligence
  • Personalized and dynamic HCP communications and content
  • AI-driven omnichannel and next best action programs
  • AI powered MSL apps and feedback tools
  • HCP and patient journeys – persona analysis, behavior prediction
  • ML models for personalized and precision medicine inputs
  • Channel analysis – RoI, performance, effectiveness
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions
  • Manufacturing process optimization, bottleneck identification, outcome prediction of corrective actions
  • Manufacturing performance – yield, quality, capacity management insights
  • Monitoring in-line manufacturing processes
  • Predictive quality management
  • Supply chain management, supplier reliability, and inventory optimization
  • AI enabled Integration of manufacturing, logistics, and sales for optimizing demand management and operations
Digital engineering
  • Enterprise digital transformation
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Around the pill digital offerings
  • Beyond the pill digital offerings
  • Digital commercial aids
  • Omni-channel marketing/ engagement tools
  • Patient journey aids
Data Management and Analytics
Clinical, R&D
  • Unmet need identification
  • Disease state analytics
  • Target identification and validation
  • Lead optimization, molecule refinement
  • Trial protocol reviews, design innovation
  • Portfolio planning
  • Patient and site profiling
  • RBQM (Risk Based Quality Management)
Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Demand management and planning
  • Cost optimization
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Yield maximization
  • Procurement planning
  • Quality reviews
  • Commercials/marketing
Commercials and Marketing
  • Time to market acceleration
  • Launch management
  • Sales and field team management
  • Physician engagement
  • Patient engagement
  • Behavior analysis
  • CDSS, disease progression
  • RWE utilization
  • VBC, outcome-based pricing models
  • HEOR
  • IoT
  • Cybersecurity
Clinical, R&D
  • Drug discovery scenarios
  • Wearables and sensors in trials
  • Site and subject screening/ monitoring
Commercials and Marketing
  • Wearables, remote devices for patient monitoring
  • Smart devices and mobility devices for patient engagement
  • Smart pills – ingestible and implantable sensors
  • Treatment compliance
Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Serialization
  • Logistics and warehouse tracking, routing
  • Supply chain – sensors to capture temperature and storage parameters
  • Predictive maintenance
Functional testing – 3Q’s approach
  • IQ ensures successful and right installation of software, build verification, and smoke tests.
  • OQ tests key operational and security functions.
  • PQ validates performance gaps and issues impacting business, user experience.
AI-Driven Autonomous Validation Model

Our Key Considerations

    • Architecture review and changes – Component/Cluster/SOA model
    • Deployment plan – Multiple servers and web farm
    • Code structure – Structure of the core code, code generation, code integration
    • Environment – Scaled down environment (extrapolate through modelling techniques), types of environment (dev, pre prod and prod)
    • Functional stability – Major functional defects to be closed, all UI defects to be closed
Test Automation
Application Analysis

  • Analysis of the applications in scope – technology stack, users, business criticality, current automation levels, etc.

Tool Selection

  • Evaluation of tools & fitment analysis – ROI, tool reusability, tool maintenance.
  • Efforts for team up-skilling.
  • Provide tool recommendation report.

Automation Framework

  • Design and create an automation framework broadly covering the processes.
  • Documentation covering process and framework reusability.


  • Define success criteria for Pilot.
  • Choose an application/module for Pilot – a representation of the application environment.
  • Execute the Pilot and demonstrate the outcome.


    • Mainstream QA of the applications through automation using the tools.
    • Maintenance of scripts in the repository for reuse.
    • Gauge performance metrics.
Performance Testing
  • Continuous testing that plugs right into DevOps tooling

    Test Creation

    • New functionality and regression testing.
    • ML & cognitive generation to instantly produce thousands of tests.

    Test Execution

    • Wide variety of tests across functional, unit, performance, load & security.
    • Lightning-fast test runner – test across 1000’s of browsers/multiple devices at once.
    • Unique write-once capability.

IP Led Accelerators


zIrrus is an integrated platform for cloud enablement. Powered by AIOps platform ZIF™, it is an end-to-end enabler of hybrid cloud migration, transformation, management, and orchestration. zIrrus makes digital businesses cloud agnostic and automates application development and deployment with its unique DevSecOps stack – securely, swiftly, and stably.


ENWAT is a real-time, IoT-enabled remote asset monitoring and management platform designed for various use cases across the manufacturing process industry. ENWAT helps businesses optimize asset utilization and avoid monetary losses.


zDesk is a single vendor, end-to-end solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)/ Desktop as a Service (Daas). zDesk enables secure employee mobility while guaranteeing exceptional performance at the best TCO. Integrated with AI, zDesk is self-monitoring and self-healing!


AIOps based TechOps platform that enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents steering an organization towards becoming a Zero Incident Enterprise™.

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