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Redefining Modern Communication


The communication industry is evolving at a rapid pace across all layers. From human to human communication, it is now accelerating towards machine to human and machine to machine communication. As a result, communication products are having to leverage newer technologies like IoT and edge computing to scale to meet modern infrastructure enhancements, growing user experience requirements, and the need to make intelligent autonomous decisions using AI/ML capabilities.

Our Footprint

We have been instrumental in this change by being active contributors to all the layers of the communication ecosystem – from telecom infrastructure enhancements and 5G adoption to IoTized solutions and building data science based multimedia solutions. We have immense experience developing all application components, from UI to unified communications platforms to backend services. In addition, we have been partners with several leading communication product companies providing product engineering, feature engineering, and quality engineering services.

Offerings and Solutions

Unified Communications

  • Product engineering services for UC platforms
  • System integration and customization
  • System validation


  • Text, audio, speech, images
  • Video
  • Multimedia streaming


  • LTE EPC and 5G core
  • Private LTE
  • MEC
  • Telco cloud

IoT and Embedded

  • IoT product engineering and development
  • End-to-end solutioning
  • Embedded systems
  • Cloud and edge solutions
  • System integration<l/i>


  • Cloud-based telephony solutions
  • Session border controllers and carrier-grade switches
  • Home security solutions

IP Led Accelerators

Physiological Model of Speech Production and Commonly Used Descriptors for Speech Analytics
  • Understand details of speech production and methods to extract relevant information.
  • This ebook discusses how speech is generated by the human body, the different ways of extracting features out of sound, and the possible applications of sound and speech analytics.

Partner Network

Success Stories

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