Communications, Collaboration, and Multimedia


The communication industry is evolving at a rapid pace at all layers. Communication products need to adopt newer technologies like IoT and Edge computing and cope with the changing infrastructure enhancements, growing user experience requirements and making intelligent autonomous decisions using AI/ML capabilities. UC&C platforms and product companies are under continuous pressure to innovate and accelerate. In this journey, they face challenges such as rapidly evolving deployment models, managing f UC infrastructure, improving productivity through cognitive models, and managing multiple integration points. As the size and complexity of media collections increase, harvesting helpful information becomes a top priority for product differentiation. At GS Lab | GAVS, we help product companies build Intelligent Communication and collaboration products for multiple Industries and use cases.

We are behind

Solutions and Platforms We have Built

  • UCaas, CPaas
  • Chat and Messaging Platforms
  • Conversational AI – ChatBots, Voicebots, Callbots, Virtual Voice Assistants
  • Collaboration Platforms
  • Customer engagement platforms (Live help solutions)
  • AR & VR Solutions
  • AI & Data science-based applications
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Cloud-based video surveillance system

Offerings and Solutions

Delivering a seamless communication ecosystem

Engineering – R&D

  • Product Development & customization
  • Product re-architecting and management
  • Research & Development
  • Product sustenance and support
  • Professional services

Performance engineering

  • Code, refactoring, and instrumentation
  • Ageing analysis and rejuvenation for reliability and uptime
  • Performance testing & automation
  • Performance monitoring & consulting
  • Data structure and database optimization

System Validation

  • Quality Assurance
  • Automation solutions

Application Management

  • Implementation
  • Customization and Integration
  • Support Services

Application Modernization

  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Portfolio Rationalization
  • Technology & Architecture Modernization


  • User Experience
  • User Interfaces
  • Cross-Platform UX/U

Our Expertise

Text, Audio, Speech, and Images

  • Text Analytics
  • Speech Recognition
  • Noise Suppression
  • Object Identification
  • Facial recognition
  • Analysis-based applications


  • Low latency high-resolution image & video compression
  • User & alert management systems
  • Camera health monitoring
  • Event detection & handling

Multimedia and Streaming

  • Multimodal analytics
  • Data pre-processing, augmentation, quality assessment & post-processing
  • Audio/video codec
  • Cloud-based transcoding
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Streaming protocols like WebRTC, HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, RTSP
  • Streaming frameworks like Gstreamer, FFMpeg, Jitsi, Kurento

Our Accelerator

An AI/ML-based tool that utilizes supervised deep learning methods to filter out unwanted background noise without degrading the signal of interest.

Greendot is a highly scalable and customizable video conferencing platform with all the required features. In addition, Greendot is also infused with Denoiser, which filters out unwanted background noise without degrading the signal of interest.

Success Stories

One Video platform for synchronous and asynchronous communication within LnD Internal Communication and marketing

The Solution helped Connect users in the way that is most suitable for them at a given time with The one-centralized platform

New feature development and test automation solution for a leading AI-enabled SaaS platform that offers a LIVE engagement solution

A SaaS platform expands capabilities and reduces product implementation time by building a test automation solution

Product Development Partner for a Communications management platform

A leading software company develops a communication management solution that can easily integrate with multi-vendor UC & call center platforms.

Contribution to Development, QA, and test automation of conference features for a cloud-based UCaaS Solution

A cloud-based giant improves the display of live and historical call statistics on the single portal with an enhanced user interface

Requirement analysis and product development for a contact center solution with on-demand video

A solution that Consolidates capturing and tracking of call logs with Simple UI to view and understand issues and Detailed analytics about individual components

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