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About Us

Leveraging Software Expertise
for Open-Source Solutions


We are driven by purpose and technology. Purpose is the force behind every endeavor, and technology is the catalyst driving us towards it.

We are committed to make significant technological contributions to foster a healthy, economically robust, and
ecologically sustainable world. In this endeavor, technology is the enabler to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, while we leverage our skills and expertise to make a positive impact.



Client Reach

US, India, Europe,
Middle East


Active Customers
Delivery Labs

At major hubs in India and
other locations globally


To galvanize a sense of measurable success in all our client engagements through our committed teams and innovative solutions.


To achieve our business goals through an environment that fosters Respect for individuals, Integrity, Trust and Empathy towards our colleagues, clients and stakeholders with an obsessive focus on creating disruptive IP-led solutions.



Key Services

Digital Engineering

Digital Solutions

Managed Services

Why Us ?

A Right Sized Company
We bring the stability and customer-oriented frameworks and processes of a large company and nimbleness of a small company.
Wide Ranging Expertise
We bring deep tech digital skills to solve sticky problems and we also bring differentiated AI-led IT services with customer-focused processes, creative win-win business models, and the ability to quickly scale to customer needs.
Multi Disciplinary Teams
Our vertical focus that allows us to understand specific industries, and our horizontal solutions empowers us to provide our customers with the right team.

Quality Certifications


Awards & Recognitions

Social Responsibility

GS Lab | GAVS is committed to social responsibility and works across several areas to contribute to the social and environmental needs of the communities we live in. Our commitment to ethical conduct goes hand in hand with our business goals, and we invest quite heavily in local communities across geos.

We are looking for driven colleagues to join us in this journey.