To galvanize a sense of measurable success in all our client engagements through our committed teams and innovative solutions.


To achieve our business goals through an environment that fosters Respect for individuals, Integrity, Trust and Empathy towards our employees, clients and stakeholders with an obsessive focus on creating disruptive IP-led solutions.


Zero is the ‘New Normal’ at GAVS. At GAVS, we have promoted a concept of taking the IT infrastructure to a Zero Incident state. We believe that with intuitive User Experience, Instrumentation, Smart Machines, Predictive Analytics, Automation, Virtualized Desktop, Risk & Governance and Security, we can create an eco-system that could enable an IT Infrastructure to trend towards a Zero Incident Enterprise.

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Our ‘Evolving Circles’ represent this Zero Incident philosophy from GAVS. The circles represent intellection; the rising of the thought that could evolve into a big disruptive idea, the perpetual process of evolution. They represent non-conformity and out of the box thinking; key ingredients to promote innovation.

Zero is the New Normal at GAVS because we want to espouse and engender zero hierarchy and zero bureaucracy, we want to promote a flat and egalitarian culture. At GAVS we want to celebrate zero tolerance towards Disrespect, Lack of Integrity, Complacency, and Apathy towards our clients and stakeholders.

GAVS will always try to be at the cutting edge of technology, and we want Zero latency in our efforts to create competencies around newer technologies and innovations that could be an enabler for our clients and partners.

Our Zero Incident Motif – ‘Evolving Circles’, is an expression of our aspirations and a commitment to be a Company with a Purpose, committed to delight our clients through innovative and enabling technologies.

What We Do

GAVS Technologies (GAVS) is a global IT services provider with focus on AI-led Managed Services and Digital Transformation. GAVS’ AIOps platform, Zero Incident Framework TM (ZIF), enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents and increases uptime, helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM . ZIF, an on-premise and SaaS solution, enables IT deliver high performing systems with end to end visibility that helps manage and optimize resources and assets, and drives value for businesses. GAVS has transformed IT Enterprise delivery through ZIF’s Discover, Monitor, Analyze, Predict, and Remediate modules, to optimize IT infrastructure performance, prevent data disasters and enhance business services continuity. GAVS is committed to help change how you organize your IT operations, bring meaningful and actionable insights through advanced ML for business improvements, enhance user experience and reduce resource utilization.

GAVS is a privately held IT Consulting and Systems Integration company with a focus on Infrastructure Management, Managed Services, Cloud Integration and Digital Transformation. We have an offshore development and support center in Chennai, India, and a customer support team in the US, UK, UAE, and Oman. We endeavor to provide our employees with a work environment that fosters respect, integrity, trust, and empathy.

At GAVS, we are driven to work in the best interests of our customers and help them achieve their aspirations. We cherish the opportunity to serve our clients!

GAVS has been recognized as an emerging player in the Healthcare Provider IT outsourcing sector by Everest Group and as a prominent India-based remote infrastructure management player & one of the key small players serving the mid-market & enterprise clients in North America by Gartner.