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5G Engineering

Revolutionizing Networks and Connectivity with 5G Engineering


5G is breaking barriers across the globe by connecting people, devices, objects and machines virtually. Simply put, this 5th generation mobile network is touted as the next big enabler in connecting everything with everything else. It is set to transform connectivity and networking in various sectors/ industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, media and entertainment.

Not only does 5G have the potential to deliver better and faster services, it enables seamless connectivity with much lower latency for better mobility and enhanced performance, collectively slated to boost the user experience. As the telecom industry moves towards open source and cloud-native technologies, big players and operators are choosing to work with multiple vendors, resulting in a larger and widespread ecosystem. However, they are looking to partner with an established IT leader to support their infrastructure, business scalability, and reach.

Our Footprint

We have enabled key players in the telecom ecosystem to transform their infrastructure in tandem with the dynamic changes that this transformation demands. Equipped with more than two decades of expertise in the telecom, networking, cloud, and enterprise space, we are a trusted partner in end-to-end system integration for global telecom leaders.

We are uniquely positioned to help your organization on a fast-tracked IT transformation project to achieve your ambitious infrastructure and business goals.

Our expert IT and product engineering experience and unwavering focus on innovation has propelled us into the big league – enabling us to collaborate with ISVs, MNOs, MVNOs, and private network solution providers to conceptualize, customize, and bring to life customer 5G vision.

With investments in disaggregation, cloudification, and automation, we are confident that our services and solutions, further enhanced by our labs, partner ecosystems, frameworks, and talent pools, will deliver unmatched value for customers.

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Unlock the Full Potential of 5G


QA Excellence
We accelerate time-to-market for 5G products, platforms, and applications.
System Integration
Equipped with decades of experience in telecom, networking, cloud, security, and the enterprise space, we are a trusted partner in end-to-end system integration for global telecom leaders.
Engineering R&D
Leveraging our rich expertise and R&D experience, we build and accelerate product engineering and time-to-market for ISVs and start-ups.
Research Partner
We actively contribute to open source and consortiums that define specifications in 3GPP, ETSI, GSMA, ONF, and TIP.
4G/5G Test Bed
We are equipped with a full-fledged 4G/5G testbed with open source/commercial EPC-5GC, eNodeB/gNodeB, UE/softphones, traffic simulators, and required government licenses to test and validate various use cases.

Technology Stack

Expertise, Reliability, and Scalability – All in One Stack

Power Fueled Partnerships

IP Led Accelerators

Faster Testing, Deployment, and Managed Services with Accelerators

Opensource Contributions

ONF – Research partner of Open Networking Foundation
EPC, 5GC, Aether Platform, Facebook, Magma Core
Open RAN – RIC and xApps, SD-RAN-RIC
GSMA – OPG (Operator Platform Group)

Success Stories

Let’s Build the Future of 5G Together