Speed to market is key for enterprises, if they need to stay relevant in this age of rapidly evolving market needs, making IT the key driver for innovation and growth. DevSecOps is the answer to the ever-changing, highly demanding software application market. Companies have already embraced the cloud as the economical driver for the data-driven age. Time to market is critical and there is a need for rapid deployment of new business services in tune with market demands.

zIrrus enables its users to meet this speed of delivery. zIrrus lets users discover their existing application capabilities to understand where they stand. It lets them migrate to the cloud of their choice. zIrrus helps catalyze the DevSecOps cycle by reducing the wait time for environment provisioning during application development, testing, and deployment.

At GAVS, we have a core team of consultants who have been trained and certified to deploy zIrrus at your enterprise. These consultants quickly assess your landscape – aided by the jumpstart kits, identify gaps and ensure best fitment of the platform with minimal involvement of your IT team. This enables zIrrus to be deployed and customized rapidly for your specific needs, with the expected business outcomes realized in 6-8 weeks.

Key Features of zIrrus

  • IT on Demand/Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Multi-Cloud Compatible Cloud Orchestration
  • Environment as a Service (EaaS) use cases
  • Seamless Application and Data Migration with zero downtime & zero data loss
  • Cloud Enabled DevSecOps
  • AIOps Platform ZIF for auto-discovery, dynamic enterprise blueprinting, AI-led analytics, predictions & self-remediation

Businesses use zIrrus for:


Understands existing infra landscape of the enterprise and creates the inventory list that includes:

  • Hardware configurations
  • Business Application Details
  • Network Devices


Enables enterprises to migrate required applications seamlessly to destination clouds by:

  • Packaging of applications
  • Migration of data & software
  • Configuration of DB and applications.


Enables automation on provisioning cloud services, with its set of actions that include:

  • Automation of processes
  • Provisioning of applications with templates
  • Scaling and Healing


  • Enables organizations towards IT On Demand (IToD) / Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)
  • An integrated platform consisting of discovery, provisioning, packaging, monitoring and a workflow
  • Offers seamless migration with Zero downtime & Zero data loss
  • Can work on 90% of the Cloud Platforms
  • Flexible enough to permit application owners / end users to migrate at their convenience
  • Provides an integrated console to execute migration & monitor progress
  • Monitors the application based on the custom metrics

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