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Cybersecurity Solutions

Crafting a Secure Foundation for a
Resilient Enterprise


Our cybersecurity services provide complete flexibility for enterprises to evolve with ever changing risks. Modeled on the Zero Trust security principle, our cybersecurity services and solutions cater to the full suite of digital enterprise needs, right from strategy formulation to managing SOC operations. Driven by people, process, and platforms we help organizations bring a cultural shift to ensure a risk-free business environment. Powered by AI/ML capabilities, automation, and technology partnerships we help accelerate the cybersecurity journey.


Customers onboarded
Applications integrated with IAM/IDAM solutions
Mobile devices managed
Connectors developed for multiple on-prem and cloud endpoints
Endpoints managed

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We provide expert advice, guidance, and strategic planning to organizations to help develop and implement an effective cybersecurity roadmap and strategy. This typically improves key areas based on risk assessment, compliance requirement, and business objectives.

  • CISO level gap analysis
  • Strategy and advisory
  • CISO level reporting
  • Security program design
  • Security controls and compliance
  • SIEM audit and compliance

Our R&D services and security expertise contribute to the development of robust and effective next generation security solutions.

  • Product market fit
  • Features, performance, security, scalability
  • API management
  • Maintenance and support for products
  • EOL support
  • Modernization

Our Security Operations Centers (SOCs) cover end-to-end management of an enterprise’s security posture right from monitoring, detecting, investigating, reporting, to evaluation and threat management.

  • Security monitoring
  • Threat hunting
  • Incident response
  • Behavioral monitoring
  • Risk advisory and consulting

We cater to the full suite of organizational cybersecurity needs – assessment, operations, and/or strategy – and can help conquer your most critical cybersecurity issues.

  • Solution design
  • Solution implementation
  • Solution integration
  • Product integration
  • Maintenance and support

Areas of Expertise



IP Led Accelerators

ZIF™ (Zero Incident Framework™)

AIOps based TechOps platform Zero Incident Framework™ (ZIF™) enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents, driving the organization towards becoming a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM.

ZIF™ helps
  • Auto-discovery of applications and dependencies between various components
  • End-to-end monitoring of all devices, infrastructure components, and applications
  • Baselining of acceptable performance of components and alerting for any deviations or abnormalities, through ML


IdentityDesk is a complete user lifecycle and access management solution that helps IT teams streamline end user journeys — from provisioning to change management to de-provisioning.

IdentityDesk helps
  • Improve overall security posture and achieve higher levels of compliance
  • Reduce operational costs by automating processes
  • Support business processes such as user onboarding, departures, etc.

Value Adds

  • Empowerment of the three pillars – people, process, and platform
  • AI and automation enabled detection and response
  • Dedicated SOC analysts with superior contextual knowledge of customer environment
  • Product and technology-agnostic security consultants and analysts
  • Offensive and defensive (red and blue) security teams
  • Security Center of Excellence (CoE) with standard templates, playbooks, and new defense techniques
  • Leveraging breakthrough technologies such as IoT, cloud, and embedded systems in a secure and compliant manner
  • Expertise in consulting, implementation, system integration, and operations management for key SIEM and IAM products

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