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IoT and Embedded Systems

Engineering Digital Experiences through
IoT and Embedded Systems


There has been a confluence of the physical and software worlds. Embedded systems and IoT (Internet of Things) are making physical products and systems smarter and connected. Digitalization adds efficiency and productivity. Our end-to-end IoT and embedded offerings help organizations drive their digital transformation journey, right from product IoTization to process IoTization.

Our solution-driven approach helps build customized solutions for unique business requirements and problem statements. Our multifaceted approach enables us to play the dual role of solution provider and system integrator.

We are adept at comprehending the fundamentals of a given domain and correlating them to deliver a scalable digitally transformative solution comprising different technologies and products.

We help enterprises, ISVs, and system integrators engineer solutions across the complete IoT value chain — from connected things and gateways to real-time processing and building AI/ML-driven business outcomes.

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Industry Specific Solutions

IoT for Manufacturing (IIoT)

Our custom IIoT solutions can help gain complete control over the manufacturing floor, right from asset tracking to building differentiated business models.

  • Smart factory floors
  • Digital twins
  • Asset and inventory tracking
  • Equipment preventive maintenance
  • Intelligent dashboards
  • Energy management
  • Quality control

IoT for Medical Devices (IoMT)

Our teams enable medtech, IVD, and digital healthcare companies to build medical devices for consumable, point of care, diagnostic, and surgical use cases, making healthcare patient-centric, convenient, and available readily.

  • Patient wearables
  • Implants
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Hospital equipment

IoT for Logistics

With our product and process solutions, logistic providers have real-time visibility across their entire supply chains.

  • RFID scanners
  • Cargo tracking
  • Smart locks
  • Temperature monitoring

IoT for Energy Management

Our solutions reduce energy costs through efficient energy utilization, centralized energy management, and automated alert systems by leveraging IoT, edge computing, and analytics.

  • Smart metering
  • Usage statistics
  • Asset management
  • Distribution charts
  • Anomaly detection
  • Power quality


ENWAT is a real-time, IoT-enabled remote asset monitoring and management platform, designed for various use cases across manufacturing, process industries, and utilities. ENWAT helps businesses optimize asset utilization and avoid monetary losses.

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