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Innovating Financial Services with Solution


Fintech Expertise to Drive Product Transformations

Our experience across the banking, financial and insurance sectors combined with product engineering expertise helps Fintech companies reimagine their products and platforms.

We build the right Fintech solutions by bringing in the right experts, skills, technologies & mind-set while helping reduce costs, overheads and risks for Fintech companies. We help them meet their requirements for rapid prototyping, testing and release of critical technology pieces.

Our Approach

Rapid Prototyping & Market Validation Approach

Offerings & Solutions

Addressing Diverse Requirements in the Financial Industry

Lending Solutions

  • Loan origination and loan management workflows
  • Recommendation engines
  • Credit scoring and automation
  • Document management
  • Third party integrations

Payment Solutions

  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Connectors for payment gateways

Banking Solutions

  • Collateral management
  • Loan applications & payment systems

RegTech Solutions

  • Dodd and Frank Act
  • Compliance reports for derivatives & commodities exchange house

Financial Operations

  • RPAs of the financial workflows
  • RPAs for cost audit reports

InsurTech Solutions

  • Insurance aggregator platform
  • Agent onboarding workflows
  • Agent and customer KYC workflows
  • Product mix and custom configuration for clients


Sector & Tech Expertise – the Pedestal for Our Offerings

Our Accelerators

Developed In-house to Streamline Fintech Functions

vKYC – Video KYC/CIP Solution

vKYC is a secure AI-driven video KYC or CIP solution which allows businesses to verify and onboard their customers remotely over video calls. It captures the customer details in real-time through AI-driven face match, liveness detection, geo-tagging, and OCR based eKYC verification of the documents.

Key Benefits

  • Complies with RBI guidelines for video-based customer identification process (V-CIP)
  • Boots up sales operations
  • Reduces customer drop-offs
  • Reduces back-office overheads

Partner Network

Alliances we Forged to Empower the Industry

Success Stories

Results Driven For Customers Through Our Expertise

Let’s Productize New Solutions that Transform Banking & Finance