5G Engineering


Enabling Private LTE and 5G with Expertise and Experience.As the private telecom landscape continues on its upward trajectory, more and more players are consciously embracing open-source adoption. GS Lab | GAVS has played a pivotal role in enabling key players in this ecosystem to transform their infrastructure in tandem with the dynamic changes that this transformation demands. Equipped with more than 15 years of expertise in the telecom, networking, cloud, and enterprise space, GS Lab | GAVS is a trusted partner in end-to-end system integration for global telecom leaders.We help MNO and MVNOs move towards open and flexible Cloud Native Deployments. Our experience across data & control plane, network slicing, and in-house lab setup & accelerators help us deliver solutions for leading MNOs, MVNOs, and ISVs.

Service Offerings

Engineering – R&D

Having built ground-up EPC and strong expertise on 3GPP specifications helps us build applications and products for leading ISVs and solution providers.

Research Partner

GS Lab | GAVS actively contributes in Open Source Consortiums like ONF (OMEC & Aether), and GSMA (Operator Platform Group). We also work with research teams of MNOs, MVNOs & ISVs to build PoC or MVP.

4G/5G Test Bed

We are committed to providing solutions for the telecom industry. To accelerate our core capabilities and deliver faster solutions to our customers, we have set up an industry-standard lab to test various use cases for our customers.

QA Excellence

With 18+ years of experience in testing & automation of more than 350 products have helped to build QA Excellence center with manual & automation testing.

Professional Services

GS Lab | GAVS expertise is not only in engineering products but also in customizing the products, providing solution engineering, sales engineering support and integration service

Infrastructure Management with AIOps

With our expertise in infrastructure consulting, implementation, and managed services we deliver proactive and remedial support for modern-day dynamic and hybrid technology landscapes.

Our Expertise


  • 3GPP Compliant ECP Core Modules
  • CUPS Engineering
  • Testing, Automation, and Deployment of components
  • Edge deployment
  • Distributed Architecture Design


  • RIC
  • xApps/rApps

4G/5G Lab

  • Industry-standard traffic simulator,
  • Hardware RAN set up to simulate and test traffic from real RAN for LTE and CBRS.
  • OpenStack setup for EPC and related tools
  • Dedicated rack servers with 10G NIC to deploy and test traffic performance.

Edge Computing

  • Edge Architecture and Engineering
  • Testing, Automation and Deployment
  • CUPS Engineering
  • Integration

Open Source

  • ONF : OMEC CUPS , MME, HSS, Database, PCRF, CTF, CDF, and SGXCDR modules, Aether platform
  • Magma: Magma 5G
  • TIP
  • RAN: O-RAN and SD-RAN

Our Technology Stack

Our Client Network

Our Accelerators

Faster Testing, Deployment, and Managed Services with these Accelerators


vEPC Compliance Tracker- Octopus is a complete & automated vEPC testing tool that reduces your vEPC testing time from days to minutes. It’s a comprehensive testing tool that works across various EPCs with different components and protocols. It also helps you trace all the messages at each connection point.


OMEC-in-a-box is your all in one vEPC sandbox designed to accelerate ONF’s OMEC deployment and testing across any infrastructure (Cloud, Virtual or Bare metal). It is a single click, easy to deploy, and open-source sandbox that can be easily extended to any private vEPCs.

ZIFTM, Designed and architected to address the ITOps problems of today & tomorrow. It is the only platform that is powered by true machine learning algorithms that enable adaptability to modern-day IT infrastructure, self-learning, and Proactive IT operations. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on telemetry data ingested in real-time, ZIFTM provides insights and resolves issues predicted by the platform – resulting in consistent availability of application services whenever the end-user needs them.

Our Key open source contributions

  • Engineering and testing an open source EPC for Open Networking Foundation
  • Engineering and testing a 5G Core Aether platform
  • Adoption of open-source components in commercial tech stack for MVNO
  • Deployment of open source and private EPC/5G Core at customer lab
  • VoLTE-based lab setup to test third-party applications
  • End-to-end network schematic, deployment, provisioning, and testing
  • Enterprise and IoT applications integration

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