Sumit Ganguli

CEO, GAVS Technologies

Zero is the ‘New Normal’ at GAVS Technologies. At GAVS, we are obsessing on building an Artificial Intelligence based Technology Operations that will trend towards a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM i.e. zero downtime for the Computer Infrastructure, and we are focusing on Digital Transformations for our clients. We use Predictive Analytics, Automation and Cloud create a disruptive digital initiative.

Historians have recorded that Zero was invented and conceived in India, around A.D. 458.   Brahmagupta, an Indian astronomer and mathematician defined the first operations of Zero. Zero is one of the key components of the digital world and its creation was in India.  Zero then travelled from India to the Middle East and it was promoted by a Persian Mathematician and he named it “sifr”. The words Algorithms (computer logic) and Cipher (code) was named after the Mathematician and “sifr”. Zero reached Europe through Italian Mathematician, Fibonacci, and was used for double entry ledgers.  Zero is integral to Calculus developed by Sir Isaac Newton which defined modern day computer technologies, Engineering, Physics and economic models.

We at GAVS, in keeping with our Indian history, have created a Zero Incident Framework, an Artificial Intelligence based tool for Enterprises in the world. We are committed to build a leading edge company in Chennai using AI and Automation and make this a disruptive phenomenon around the world.

Our design elements, the three dissimilar circles, represent the Zero, and the rising circles, celebrating the Zero Incident philosophy from GAVS. The circles represent the germination of a thought that could evolve into a big disruptive and transformational idea. We at GAVS like to celebrate non-conformity and out of the box thinking; key ingredients to promote innovation. The GAVS motif is an expression of our aspirations and our commitment to be a ‘Company with a Purpose’, committed to delight our clients through innovative and enabling technologies.

Zero is the ‘New Normal’ at GAVS because we want to espouse and engender zero hierarchy and zero bureaucracy, we want to promote a flat and egalitarian culture. At GAVS, the company’s bulwark is RITE, Respect, Integrity, Trust and Empathy and therefore we want to celebrate zero tolerance towards Disrespect, Lack of Integrity, Duplicity and Apathy in all our engagements.

We look forward to welcoming our employee partners who are Smart, hardWorking, Articulate and Technologically Curious (SWAT) and be a part of GAVS’ journey to be a purposeful company and take our Zero Incident FrameworkTM and other innovations to the world.