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“Why” of GAVS, Our humble effort to make GAVS an aspirational company, GAVS DRHM2019

Aug 14, 2019

By Sumit Ganguli, CEO, GAVS Technologies

We were humbled to be associated with the GAVS Dream Runners Half Marathon 2019 that was held on July 21st Sunday in Chennai, and its moniker is We run so they can walk.  GAVS has been involved with the Dream Runners Half Marathon for the last 4 years and along with the Dr. Sunder and the ‘Freedom Trust’, this event raises funds for the prosthetic limbs for some of the under privileged. This year, we distributed 180 prosthetic limbs to some of the recipients and it was so gratifying that some of them ran a short distance with us after the run.

Subaja, 27 years, is from the small hamlet of Nagercoil in the South of India, she lost both her legs below the knee in a train accident 13 years ago. She couldn’t afford prosthetics and was entirely dependent on her family to help her with her daily chores. She soon lost her parents and was turned out by her brothers due to their poor financial condition.  Moving away from her home, alone in a new city, Subaja found a job that paid her a paltry sum of Rs.  5,000 (under 75 dollars a month),  by filling applications for visitors outside the local District Collector’s Office. Subaja is now a wheelchair basketball player and a national champion. GAVS DRHM along with ‘Freedom Trust’ fitted her with blade prosthetics and she ran at the recent GAVS DRHM held on July 21, 2019. When she says “never give up, keep trying till the end”, we at GAVS are inspired by Subaja.

Sumith, aged 10, from an extremely small village in Tamil Nadu,  was born with a congenital disorder, with an uneven lower right leg.  He is a Class 6 student and in need of prosthetics which his father could not afford.  GAVS DRHM and ‘Freedom Trust’ made it possible for him to be fitted with customized above-knee prosthesis.  Sumith was full of smiles as he walked with his new leg at the recent marathon. It was heart-warming to see the tears in his father’s eyes as he said “my son will not have any more difficulties to go to school…”

We are happy and proud to see that GAVS DRHM has transformed running, an individual’s sport into the huge mass phenomenon in Chennai. It starts at 4 am in the morning on Sunday. Highly disciplined and effusive volunteers, not a single wayward participant, very clean conscious runners and officials, the police force that comes out in droves, the drummers,  the cheering crew, all represent  the best Chennai has to offer.

It provides GAVS with a higher purpose and it is our endeavour to make GAVS an aspirational company. We look forward to your mentorship and counsel and took the liberty of sharing this with you.

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