By Quadri Abdur

Technology is rapidly evolving in a manner that many did not anticipate few years ago. As much as it has been helpful to most businesses, it has created some kind of challenge for many. It is becoming harder to keep up with consumer’s demand and keep the entire processes running smoothly. To achieve this, voluminous data need to be analyzed and used the right way. The old-fashioned monitoring and management systems used by most organizations fail to handle the challenges posed by huge, unrelated and unorganized data. This is where AIOps solutions come in.

What is AIOps?

The acronym AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It represents a category of business software that uses analytics and machine learning to improve the ability of IT systems to aggregate, analyze, and act on big data. The AIOps platform is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning; it identifies and remedies numerous IT issues and automate day-to-day IT operations.

With AIOps, organizations are better equipped to cope with the numerous challenges of digital business transformation. AIOps in infrastructure management will discover and act on meaningful insight in the environment, helping IT to operate efficiently, make better decisions, and improve productivity. It will efficiently monitor enterprise IT health, detecting incidents before they happen, and remedy them with minimal human interference. This will significantly minimize the chances of IT downtime and the accompanying business losses.

Why Your Organization Need to Choose the Right AIOps Platform

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is not something any serious organization should take for granted. If you decide to implement the technology, it is important that you implement the very best option for your organization. They are not all created equal. Some vendors focus on certain areas like machine learning for noise reduction and root-course failure analysis. It is important that you choose AIOps solutions that come with varying functionality for improved IT performance.

It is best to choose an AIOps platform for IT that will help your organization trend towards a Zero Incident Enterprise. This will not only make your work environment more productive, it will also improve the experience of your customers. Below are the major reasons you need to choose the right AIOps platform for your enterprise:

  • The Platform Will Deliver Results Consistent With Its Promises

One major pitfall your company should avoid why choosing an AIOps platform is to choose one that does not deliver what it promises. There is quite a number of such platforms that has so much to offer, according to their marketing promises, but does very little after implementation. This is something your organization must avoid. Buying into such platform will mean losing money, since your company will have to ditch it and try other platforms. A Proof of Value in your environment and data set before the full rollout will help in assessing the proposed feature-sets.

  • The Tool Should Be Matured Enough To Deliver The Needed Result

It is also essential that your company choose a platform that has matured tools to deliver the needed results. This is why choosing a platform that has been in place for a while can be very helpful. While some new platforms may have a lot to offer on paper, you need a proven AIOps platform that has everything you need to deliver the right results. A site visit and live demonstrations of implementations in your peer organizations (of similar size and scale) will help you assessing the challenges and typical pitfalls to watch out for.

  • You Will Have Fewer Challenges During Implementation

Your company wouldn’t want to end up with an AIOps platform that will be a major source of headache during implementation. Such a tool will end up causing more issues for an organization than providing solutions. There are tools in the market that will do just that and it is essential that your organization avoid them. A staggered approach to implementation – a select of systems or a chosen Line of Business or implementation in a UAT region before Production roll-out will help overcome the typical challenges and adjustments that are typically needed for best results.

  • Ongoing Maintenance And Management Of The Tool After Implementation Will Be Easier

Implementing AIOps does not mean that your IT operations will run automatically without the need for maintenance and management. Actually, ongoing maintenance and management is crucial after implementation and it will be a lot easier when you have the right platform in place. Choosing a platform that Provides seamless upgrade to new feature-sets, deployment of patches and fixes that enhances the stability & performance of the platform along with 24×7 support for any eventuality are mandatory requirements for assure ongoing patronage by your Operation teams.

  • The Right Platform Is Easy To Use And Quite Scalable

Another important quality of a good AIOps platform is good user experience. You don’t need a platform that will be a source of headache for you and your IT team. Using the platform should be easy and straightforward so that everyone understands what is happening. Top tools are generally easy to use.

Scalability is another important factor to consider that impacts the user experience and Return on Investment. There is need to have an AIOps platform that will grow with your business. As your enterprise grows and improve its digital infrastructure, the platform should accommodate the changes; that is where self-learning capabilities and predictive analytics come into play with no further manual intervention.

  • Change Management And Readiness Of The Organization

The true value of AIOps solutions lies in minimally changing the current processes, tools and operations teams are able to adopt into their day-to-day way of service delivery. The benefit of the platform will be more appreciated when the platform is able to make things easy for everyone in your organization. By enhancing system availability and relieving some of the stress the IT team and management need to bear, AIOps improves the management and readiness of the organization.  Hence, ease of the platform integrating into the current scenario in the organization is a salient influencer in the overall adoption and success of the transformation journey.

Artificial intelligence and big data analysis are things that can meaningfully turn things around for your business. Implementing Artificial Intelligence to IT Operations (AIOps) for your business is very important. It is also crucial that you choose the right AIOps platform for the reasons discussed above. Zero incident framework is one of the best platforms to consider for the best results in AIOps implementation.