Today’s markets are more complex than ever before. Unprecedented levels of competition, tech-savvy consumers, an evolving regulatory landscape, and complex supply chain requirements are creating new challenges for businesses. Succeeding in this environment requires playing by a different set of rules. Faster go-to-market, lower costs, and first-time right products are a must to enhance customer satisfaction.

Businesses realize the role that IT plays in this difficult environment, not only as an enabler but also as a strategic partner, driving change and business results. However, many companies are still plagued by inaccurate IT process flows, misalignment of objectives between IT and business, and poor delivery outcomes. Dynamic software and process frameworks combined with constantly evolving technologies add to the challenges. Organizations are therefore increasingly looking to boost delivery excellence in their IT operations to increase innovation, deliver complex software projects, and enhance quality and reduce time to market for applications.

Here are ways your organization can ensure IT delivery excellence.

Harness pre-existing assets. Improve time to market

Leveraging reusable methods and assets helps simplify the software development and application management lifecycle, and speeds up the software delivery process for superior customer satisfaction. In addition, enhanced software modules incorporated into a robust software structure enable organizations to identify gaps, and ensure that their business-critical applications are ready to comply with regulatory standards and exceed performance criteria. Mapping out the organizational structure in detail and assigning project roles across the project lifecycle ensures that every individual contributes holistically to the success of the project.

Simplify processes. Implement best practices

As challenging as it can be for organizations to simplify process flows, it’s one of the key factors that can drive delivery excellence. Most issues occur due to the complex IT transitions and complicated updates that companies need to implement in order to sustain competitive advantage. Implementing best practices, enhancing visibility, and ensuring compliance and accountability across processes will further enhance efficiency and value at every level of the organization.

Increase innovation. Improve customer satisfaction

It is not only imperative to focus on maturing existing approaches but also developing innovative solutions and services rapidly. Keeping pace with emerging technological trends can help enhance efficiencies. For instance, upgrading legacy systems to cloud or modernizing certain applications can increase economies of scale, reduce costs, streamline processes, and reduce training needs. It can also improve flexibility and accessibility, boosting customer satisfaction and improving customer delight.

Measure KPIs. Enhance performance

By defining and tracking the right set of metrics, organizations can effectively gauge their performance and drive improvements in service delivery. These metrics must focus on the critical success factors of key processes and the strategic targets for effective IT service delivery. It is recommended to use metrics that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely as emphasized by Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In order to use a measure that is relevant to customers, businesses must ensure that the metrics they use are clearly based on service level targets established in their service level agreements (SLAs).

Adopting a Holistic Approach to Delivery Excellence

IT delivery excellence does not happen in isolation. Delivery teams must take an integrated approach by aligning with the overall business objectives, and staying in sync with other teams and departments. Businesses also need to analyze their process and work culture to enhance collaboration. Understanding the impact of factors such as structure, coherence, and delivery capabilities, and optimizing them holistically can help drive on time, on budget deliveries even for complex projects.