Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability management comprises of identification, evaluation and investigation of the security risks in the system. According to the addition to the networks and changes made to the systems, the vulnerability management process needs to be implemented relentlessly.

Our vulnerability management services identify and remediate vulnerabilities at each stage of application development and infrastructure component in production environment. We foresee external hackers to proactively address any vulnerabilities through vulnerability governance and red team activities. Our dedicated team offers robust services to reduce the recurrence of any cyber incidents, resulting into increased productivity and orchestrating vulnerability management programs as per your needs and requirements.


  • Proactive identification of the weakness in system and increasing Business Resilience
  • Threat modelling and Threat intelligence reducing the frequency of any cyber incidents
  • Red team activities help in identifying the threats / vulnerabilities in a timely manner
  • Extensive collaboration with VAPT product vendors ensuring collaborative efforts

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Evaluating source code to discover security risks that make your organization a suspect.

Vulnerability Assessment

A structured review of the security flaws automated generating reports, before the hackers can access the system


Focusing on Assessment coverage as per OWASP Top 10 and SANS recommendations, Automated scan and false positive elimination, Impact and Risk analysis, Reporting and follow up

Penetration Test

Analysing the systems to identify the vulnerabilities at an early stage

Infra vulnerability scan

Automated process of analysing and detecting the potential security vulnerabilities.

Application Security

Developing and testing the features within an application to prevent unauthorized access.

Mobile & Container Security

Leveraging security tools and policies to safegaurd containerzied applications.

Customer Identity Access Mgmt. (CIAM)

Enabling Organizations to safely capture and manage the customer data and control customer access to the systems and applications



End-to-end Data Privacy services for Healthcare –

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