DevOps is the buzzword that’s doing the rounds in the IT corridors right from development and testing to operations. While the hype around DevOps is real and measurable, it’s time to reap benefits from the advantages of having a DevOps strategy.

As per the report from research firm Research and Markets, “Global DevOps Platform Market 2016-2020”, DevOps market should see a steady growth rate of around 20 percent (CAGR of 19.42%) through the end of the decade.

Various industry experts, consultants and analysts cite different advantages based on their expertise and experience. The top 10 significant benefits of DevOps from a business perspective:

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction and Experience:The primary goal of DevOps is smooth and faster delivery of high quality software and services faster to your end users. The foundation is to be agile and stay ahead of competition by adapting to changing customer demands across any digital property or brand position.
  2. Contribute to Digital Transformation:Digital transformation in every industry is altering the way enterprises operate. DevOps is fostering new innovations in technologies such as IoT, Mobile and Cloud are used to deliver digital services which enhance employee productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and experience.The entertainment game-changer: Netflix is seen to have implemented themselves to DevOps approach is setting new standards in IT. This has help them to proactively identify the vulnerabilities and resolve them before they impact customers.
  3. Enable & Align Business and IT together:Businesses now focus on applying Agile principles to business operations that offer lean practices for faster time to market while maintaining quality and efficiency. DevOps, transform IT to deliver innovation and agility which can help achieve business outcomes and competitiveness. It allows total rethinking on the entire IT chain – process, technology, culture and people – to improve their overall business performances and reduce the cost of supporting the business.
  4. Breakdown of IT silos:The major barrier for DevOps is the IT silos created due to the hierarchical models that exist between development, operations and testing teams. This limits business efficiency as handover of the project from one team to another, is not done until all the tasks are completed. DevOps offer a flexible and dynamic approach to system development and deployment. This, in turn allow businesses to be more responsive to changes in market conditions and circumstances.
  5. Enterprise Agility:Business agility is the core reason to adopt DevOps. It allows businesses to accelerate go-to market services, enable new features to be rolled out frequently, quick iteration of the software and see an overall productivity and business efficiency.
  6. Velocity Factor:Velocity appears as the key value of DevOps. Velocity ensures faster time to market, faster time to production, quicker response to changing customer market, demands, expectations and incorporating feedback. Speed is survival in this competitive business world, and DevOps culture is the driver for this process.WalmartLabs for that matter has taken a focused DevOps approach to meet its requirement. It’s DevOps cloud-based technology automates and accelerates application deployment.
  7. Innovation and Ideas:Businesses who innovate will grow or be pushed out by competition. Technology innovation is no longer an option. It is a necessity that allow IT teams to produce and delivery new quality products and bring in revenue. Agility and velocity are key to create this culture of innovation. The business impact of innovation is the direct result of DevOps application across the organization.
  8. Improve Processes and Productivity:Businesses opt for streamlining their processes and optimizing their existing SDLC practices to improve productivity throughout the enterprises. DevOps empowers team members with accountability and ownership that results in motivation to deliver timely output.Adobe for example started implementing DevOps 5-6 years ago where it stirred from packaged software to a cloud services model. Hence by offering series of small software updates rather than annual releases, Adobe is now able to meet appx. 60% more app development demand.
  9. Business Competitiveness:Faster software delivery with continuous feedback help business stay competitive. DevOps execution across businesses, assures constant monitoring and real time analytics to gain actionable insights. Understanding the need for digital transformation, agility and speed while maintaining quality, reliability and control is the key for business survival.
  10. Better ROI on Data and Investments:DevOps helps businesses start using data to make money. All businesses are bound by data and extracting value from it requires application of analytics, automation and an agile approach. Business adopt DevOps utilities to save time and money to quickly gain valuable opportunities.DevOps is influencing business strategies to maximize their return value. For best results your organization can contact a GAVS executive for a compressive look at the advantages of DevOps.