Leigh Anderson

Moving from a vendor-only model with GAVS to a collaborative model through Long 80 expands Premier’s current technology portfolio, enabling us to offer GAVS’ technology, digital transformation and data security services and solutions to US healthcare organizations. We are extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to our new relationship with GAVS.

Pawanjit Singh

zDesk VDI Platform as a whole, provides Premier with higher security, data protections and 20+% in savings through CAPEX/OPEX reduction. Our Premier member hospitals, as well as hundreds of offshore resources have also experienced higher levels of user experience as a result.

Jewan Singh, D.M.D.

zDesk VDI solution has changed the way clinicians interact with the systems and the patients. The VDI system literally follows our clinicians allowing to retrieve their session anytime without the need to logoff which saves critical time and help in providing speedy care to patient.

Dr. Chilimuri Sridhar

zDesk VDI Solution has transformed our Provider- Patient experience by enhancing both efficiency and quality. The agility of our EMR using the VDI solution has helped clinicians and other care providers to spend more time engaging patients clearly improving patient satisfaction and productivity

Todd Wilkes

Running on a commodity hardware, zDesk addressed our requirements to support 1,000+ users and allows us to easily scale the environment for both Production and DR. Transitioning to zDesk allowed us to focus more on the future of empowering Healthcare innovation in the organization and less on VDI.

Sankaranarayan R

ZIF was able to detect and predict close to 95% of high priority P1 incidents in advance, and proactively creates tickets. It has reduced the high priority P1 incidents by 25% in the last six months, and our IT operations team can spend their time in managing other projects.

Gopinathan Sivasubramanian

I have been associated with GAVS for the last 14 years. The company’s rich culture and core values are engrained throughout the organization and is evident in every employee.

Raja Nagasubramanian

GAVS provides me an opportunity to work across business verticals including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Airlines, & Governments. This helps me acquire knowledge across various industries.

Ramya Subramaniam

My journey with the organization, for the past 5 years, has been filled with stories of friendship, trust, teamwork, challenges, success, fun, and joy. The learning experience that I have been afforded as a GAVS ian has been immense.

Joshua Goldstein

I have been associated with GAVS for the last 14 years. This is one organization that really values each and every individual who works here, and strive to appreciate them by never letting the good work go unnoticed.