Today’s IT landscape is dynamic and innovative, with new technologies driving an organization’s strategies and decisions. Business process automation (BPA) enhances corporate efficiency and simplifies their IT and administrative operations. By eliminating human error and allowing machines to complete their tasks, BPA enables businesses to automate their processes, cutting costs, save time, and better utilization of their workforce to solve other problems.

zMan as a Service by GAVS enables automation of very simple to extremely complex workflows, thereby allowing IT staff to focus on more complex and challenging assignments. With 125+ pre-defined plug-n-play automation workflow templates, 500+ activity components, multiple ready-made connectors to connect to a variety of ITSM, monitoring & ticketing tools, zMan can help reduce the time needed to deploy automation. All the mundane, cumbersome or simple, repetitive tasks typically being performed day-to-day by IT staff can be fully automated with an intuitive workflow design using pre-coded activities and templates. No matter whatever tools you are using in your environment, zMan as a Service can work behind the scenes with minimal to no supervision, and automate majority of non-interactive automation scenarios.

At GAVS, we have a core team of consultants who have been trained and certified to deploy zMan for your enterprise. These consultants through the jump start kits quickly assess your landscape, identify gaps and ensure best fitment of the platform with minimal involvement of your IT Team and Subject Matter Experts. This enables zMan to be deployed and customized for your specific needs and ensure that the expected benefits are realized in 6-8 weeks.

zMan Offerings:

  • Enterprise IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Application Performance Management
  • Privilege Identity Management
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Configuration Management and Provisioning
  • HR / Back office process
  • Marketing and Sales

How zMan can help organizations?

  • Improve efficiency, freeing up time to focus on high value initiatives
  • Increase employee satisfaction by automating common tasks and repetitive work
  • Minimize mistakes by reducing interruptions and strain on existing personnel
  • Provide faster, better user experiences
  • Accelerate your company’s digital transformation

zMan can help you remove the pain of routine tasks, giving you happier, more productive employees with more time to focus on growing your business and driving revenue.



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