By leveraging our partnerships with key digital players like SDG and our vast proficiency in security, technology expertise and industry knowledge, our consultants will work with you to securely deliver content and applications over the Internet.

SDG’s TruOps GRC solution provides a simple-by-design framework that can be calibrated for automation of your IT Risk & Compliance business processes.

TruOps is a value add for clients who wish for smart governance and business insights into their IT operations, while adhering to IT policies, compliances, security and mitigating risks to strengthen enterprise businesses.

We can help you identify and build an application framework based on your existing security, risk and compliance posture by leveraging TruOps inherent features. This framework will be used to build a flexible roadmap that guides the selection of partners, products and solutions needed to create the technology landscape for the secure management and secure development of all your applications.



  • Simple by design framework: For fast implementation
  • Map IT risk types: Scalable to business risk process maturity level
  • Responsive design: Use on any mobile device
  • Rich & dynamic dashboards: Quick assessment of IT Risk for insight and corrective action
  • Risk report: Detail on risk owners, risk exposure, closure date and exportable
  • Configurable workflows: Global workflow and notifications
  • Scalable: Hybrid model provides holistic view
  • Connectors: To integrate readily with asset databases and security tools
  • Customization: Make relevant to unique aspects of your business

Key Benefits

  • Provide insight to management, regulators, and stakeholders on the risk profile of the enterprise for Data driven business decision-making
  • Serves as a guide to processes and practices that drive profitability and compliance
  • Relate real time operational data to enterprise data for rapid deployment
  • Supports Business Data source to drive intra-day business, operational decisions, and actions
  • Reduces Time to Market for solution deployment
  • Improve productivity by shifting resources from data gathering to analysis, risk mitigation and monitoring.
  • Automate IT risk compliance processes to drive common definitions and efficiency to reduce process cycles to weeks
  • Implement a solution that calibrates to their process maturity level with the flexibility to integrate tightly and manage change as the enterprise evolves.

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