GAVS Approach to Test Automation

As organizations adopt agile methodologies and rapidly scalable environments for faster software development and time to market, quality testing automation services that are tightly integrated with the development process become vital. The right test automation framework can cater to all your testing needs, can be customized and scaled up as needed, and can also enable effective collaboration between Development and QA teams – essential for timely development & deployment. The right test automation tool can significantly improve the quality of your products, and the productivity of your Dev and QA teams. 

GTOps is GAVS’ proprietary Test Automation Framework.

GTOps is a unified platform for end-to-end testing where organizations can deploy, generate, store and parallelly execute scripts. Keyword Driven Testing (KDT) is the foundation for GTOps, designed to accelerate script creation. Unlike traditional manual testing which requires knowledge of scripting to create test scripts and test cases, the KDT methodology can help businesses automatically generate test cases to describe the application, object or system under test. These test scripts can be re-used to test other applications with similar functionality.

GTOps is an automated script generation tool that allows the manual tester to generate test scripts without requiring technical knowledge about automation tools like Selenium, UFT etc. This keyword driven tool generates the automated scripts/code at the backend for the application under test, when the specific object is passed to it.

The basic premise of GTOps is the recording of the application objects using the Object Recorder and adding to the repository using specific keywords. The tester can input values to the objects and save them in a distributed version control system like Git for reusability. Once all the tested keywords are added, the scripts can be generated and executed directly from an automation tool like Selenium for testing relevant operations.

The results database can be accessed using MySQL and can be viewed using a customized dashboard that provides detailed information about code coverage, defects etc. The customized dashboard delivers a unified view of the results, and provides actionable insights, enabling timely market deployment of quality software.

GTOps is specifically designed for User Interface (UI) Automation scenarios. It can be implemented along with our other proprietary products and platforms, to automate the UI related business processes.

Currently GTOps supports Java based Selenium, IBM RFT and HP UFT automation tools. The IP-led innovation is a benchmark in testing and automation for enterprises with future scope for C# platform-based Selenium implementations.

In a nutshell, GTOps:

Is a web-based tool that can generate automation scripts
Enables coding free automation, using plain English text (Keywords)
Is configurable – browser and tool configuration
Allows reusable Keywords
Reduces Software Maintenance costs


  • Simple – Increases productivity by simplifying management infrastructure
  • Secure – Provides 100% protection of data and assets
  • Scale – Supports any number of desktops with high performance
  • Save – Achieve accelerated ROI with improved deployment speed and less energy consumption

Key Benefits of GTOps Test Automation

  • Reduced operational costs due to reduced manual effort and increased efficiency
  • Guaranteed accuracy of test results
  • Enhanced productivity of QA team

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