Digital Businesses are Complex! Businesses today are highly data driven. As data handling and data center needs increase so does the importance of IT services. IT environments have become more convoluted because of multiple technologies and stacks, and the inevitable increase of end users can culminate in creation of various performance issues and many unrecoverable costs.test

GCare helps you to proactively monitor, manage and resolve performance issues across your infrastructure before they impact end user productivity. Guarantee your end user with a memorable experience with end to end real-time monitoring of everything from infrastructure to applications. Reports problems that were not identified as incidents by the users by collecting all the data and with its analytical capabilities. GCare Stack includes:

  • Instrumentation and Real User Monitoring agent
  • Intelligence Engine
  • Dashboard

At GAVS, we have a core team of consultants who have been trained and certified to deploy GCare for your enterprise. These consultants through the jumpstart kits quickly assess your landscape, identify gaps and ensure best fitment of the platform with minimal involvement of your IT Team and Subject Matter Experts. This enables GCare to be deployed and customized for your specific needs and ensure that the expected benefits are realized in 6-8 weeks.


Monitor what matters

  • Core metric monitoring
  • End user experience monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Web server monitoring
  • Server OS- CentOS, Microsoft Server

Spot what matters

  • Spots all exceptions
  • Spots failed requests
  • Spots surge in hits

Decipher what matters

  • Helps to understand all exceptions of the end user and thus enable corrective actions
  • Helps to understand the failed requests for improving the server performance
  • Helps to improve load management
  • Helps to optimize the usage during hits generation
  • Helps to understand bottle necks and user problems

Benefits that matters

  • Each transaction collected for monitoring
  • Identifies your moments of wow and woe
  • Quicken troubleshooting with analytics based on the context and correlation data
  • Gets to the crux of the Moments of Woe
  • Visualization for every user
  • Apps provide solutions for security, IT ops, business analysis and more
  • End to end visibility across transactions
  • Single Command Line install
  • Resolve problems automatically through automated workflows of zMan
  • Feed GCare data into GAVel for predicting future events and exceptions

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