GAVel – An AIOps platform for IT enterprises

GAVel is an Artificial Intelligence platform that uses, machine learning algorithms to predict and auto resolve incidents in IT Operations. Driven by Azure ML & HD Insight, GAVel aggregates and correlates ITIL data across multi-cloud and on-premise infrastructures to provide real time insights leading to faster incident remediation. GAVel, an AIOps platform, with its proven track record of working with leading industry stalwarts, integrates seamlessly with traditional performance monitoring tools to PREDICT performance degradation and capacity utilization issues. Real time analytics on alerts from infrastructure monitoring and incident management tools. Dynamically creates and auto triage tickets. Instantly identifies the root cause for the incident, resulting in reducing MTTR.


Reduction in MTTR


Elimination of False Positives


Optimization of IT infrastructure operations effort


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Product Details:

  • Event Correlation & Noise Reduction
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Predict Performance Degradation & Capacity Optimization
  • Incident Management

Key Features

  • Unified dashboards and heatmaps for 360°view
  • Correlate and report risks to reduce downtime
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Drive root cause analysis
  • Remove False Positives
  • Remove duplicate incidents & estimate incident
  • spikes
  • Fulfillment time for incidents
  • Virtual supervisor to auto-triage tickets
  • Self-Help for Incident Resolution


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