It provides seamless Infrastructure Automation across data centers, environments, and applications with Configuration Management & Service Orchestration to help enterprises achieve end-to-end IT DevOps Service Automation and being prepared for Web-scale IT.

Few of the highlights of Catalyst are

  • It helps in adopting intelligent DevOps – from Unmanaged->Managed->Self-Service->Self-Aware->Self Heal Infrastructure
  • It does Infrastructure automation, provisioning, Orchestration and management
  • It helps automating the entire ALM cycle from Continuous Integration->Testing->Continuous Deployment and works with all major CI/CD tools
  • It gives real-time-dashboard and alerts-based monitoring and remediation of cost, usage, health and performance of all IT assets
  • Powered by Chef and integrated with Docker

How you can make use of Catalyst?

  • Infrastructure Provisioning and Management
  • Application Development
  • Monitoring and Tracking

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