Venu Madhuri

This project was chosen with the intent to bring relief to India where the rural population increases without any proportionate increase in their income or businesses.

GAVS works with ‘Venu Madhuri Trust’ in their rural reconstruction to make rural India more self-sufficient. Our work began in a small isolated village called Ramanwadi in Radha-nagari, Kolhapur district, Maharashtra.

From what started with just a small 2.5-acre bit of irrigated land, the project slowly evolved into various supporting projects such as water conservation, education, health; organic farming and cattle breed conservation and development, conservation of culture and so on. We are proud to see that our work has helped reverse migration of villagers from towns.
We helped set up a ‘Venu Madhuri cottage industry’ that sells herbal dhoop (incense) sticks, honey, and herbal shampoo which are highly appreciated and in demand nationally and internationally. The cottage industry activities now spread across 7 villages, and helps sustain several families.