School Infrastructure development

Despite adequate efforts on awareness campaigns, the number of government and panchayat schools that do not have adequate and hygienic sanitation facilities is still alarming. Tamil Nadu is no exception; the number of underprivileged schools with toilets is meager as compared to those without.

GAVS’ infra structural development project has made schooling comfortable for students and teachers of the Government Higher Secondary School, Pallikaranai, Kanchipuram District. A total of 11 toilets have been constructed, including separate toilet for staff. The project is bound to benefit many such students in the years to come.

The floods which happened in Chennai had caused huge losses to human life and property across Chennai, and the city needed a lot of help from donors for relief work.  Many GAVSians had contributed generously and their contributions helped set up a RO plant in the Government Higher Secondary School in Pallikaranai.