The goal of employee engagement is to ensure employee commitment, proactiveness and adaptivity. This leads to increased employee satisfaction and performance, greater retention and sustained organizational success. CEOs are aware that their employees enhance brand value, which drives customer acquisition and loyalty, and promotes efficient business growth.

So the real question is no longer ‘why’, but ‘how’ to build an engaged workforce.

Here are five simple ways to fulfill your employee engagement goals:

1. Walk the talk

Research indicates that 55% of employees feel inspired by their leaders. It’s therefore important for company heads to replicate the desired employee behavior. They can bring about significant progress in the workplace by displaying a genuine interest in their employees, and investing time in understanding their needs and expectations. By ‘walking the talk,’ company leads can drive effective employee engagement, inspiring employees to demonstrate leadership characteristics.

It is also imperative to involve employees in important decisions to give them a sense of possession over the direction and progress of the company’s performance. The idea is to make them see the direct connect between their valuable contributions and the company’s success.

2. Connect on all levels

As companies reap the benefits of an engaged workforce, they increasingly acknowledge that their employees are one of their biggest assets. It’s therefore important to get to know your employees not just on an official platform but also on a personal level. This helps demonstrate a genuine interest in your employees’ well being, builds employee trust, and strengthens their bond with the organization. The end result is improved employee retention.

3. Applaud and reward

Appreciate them! This isn’t rocket science. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ will undoubtedly make a difference. A pat on the back makes your employees feel motivated and recognized for their efforts.Celebrate their accomplishments, and reward and encourage them in meaningful ways to help boost their performance.

So if there’s someone at work who has done a good job and added value to the company’s performance, you know best what to do!

4. Show them the Big Picture

Push employees to see the big picture in order to appreciate and find meaning in the work they do each day. Explain how important their contribution is to the organization’s objective and goals. Knowing that they’re directly part of the business growth and success motivates them to strive harder and deliver optimized outcomes. Working together enables them understand their peers better and helps deliver continuous business improvements.

5. Have some fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! That’s right. You don’t want overworked, exhausted individuals at work. That’s why engaging in a little fun with the team is a great idea. This not only breaks the routine pattern but also refreshes the mind, promotes creativity and effective collaboration. Organize regular games and fun activities tohelp relieve stress and identify employees’ hidden talents.

With these five easy but powerful steps, you can implement a robust employee engagement program that delivers optimized results.