Software Quality Assurance

GAVS’ competencies and expertise in the field of SQA include automation-led infrastructure services. Our comprehensive testing services provide exhaustive test coverage with the help of over 200 testing experts.

We help establish a process-driven approach to planning, documenting and managing the entire testing process. GAVS’ end-to-end SQA framework supports both preventative and reactive approaches to testing focused on critical touchpoints in the business, and has modules that offer Testing-as-a-Service.

Key Features

  • Agile, DevOps and Test Automation Frameworks, strategies and practices for quality aspects, cost measures and performance challenges
  • Metrics-driven QA & Testing Framework and robust test governance
  • Operational efficiency, accelerated time-to-market & maximized ROI through proactive testing, automation & compressed test cycles
  • Roadmap and Execution plan for enhancements and transformation


  • Risk-based approach to testing across the lifecycle
  • Metrics-based measurement of delivery with 30% reduction in total cost of testing by leveraging TCoE(Testing Center of Excellence), particularly effective in handling Cloud and Mobile testing
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance requirements
  • Consistent and predictable quality of end products
  • Onsite-offshore model to reduce cost
  • Test automation for legacy systems
  • Productivity benefits through test-ware reusability and resource optimization

Testing Strategy

GAVS’ basic testing strategy includes understanding your testing needs that reduce project risks and determines the testing effort and costs. Keeping in mind the business goal of optimizing the cost of testing and cost of defects, our SQA team perform testing procedures aligned with strategic SDLC processes to identify early defects and achieve optimal test coverage.

The shift in project management’s testing strategic approach towards an end-to-end testing with distributed, multi-tier architecture in a service-oriented architecture, defines our comprehensive testing suite through:

  • Right type and testing levels
  • Right methodology and technology selection
  • Scoping the resources requirements, testing environments, release criteria
  • Breakdown of the test efforts into logical areas and sub-areas
  • Test Automation Strategy
  • Risk mitigating techniques
  • Tools, Processes, and Metrics

Our end-to-end testing suite comprises of

  • Performance
  • Smoke and regression
  • Functional
  • Acceptance test automation
  • Security testing modules

These modules offer testing-as-a-service, focusing on critical points in the business. By extending the testing capacity of the system architecture, we help you create Testing Centers of Excellence (CoE). They are particularly effective in IT enterprises handling cloud and mobile testing to enable them to boost business assurance, reduce quality costs, improve productivity gains, and achieve faster time-to-market.

GAVS’ Testing Approach

GAVS’ end-to-end SQA framework supports both preventive and reactive approaches to testing. The preventive approach prescribes the tests to be designed early in the SDLC while the reactive approach tests are designed after software development.

Our testing approach is closely related to testing strategy. We analyze the risks associated with project failure, the expertise, and efficiency of the people in the proposed tools and techniques.

The nature of the product and the business, governs our SQA framework for testing and performs automated and manual testing for functional and non-functional platforms, across several modules.

They include system and integration testing, user acceptance, and release testing, regression, and test automation, as well as performance testing. In addition, we make the best use of reusable assets such as planning strategies and performance approaches to enhance governance and productivity.

Our testing approach on critical application functions is facilitated by on-demand SQA powered by our agile methodology and effective use of SQA tools including Selenium and Rational functional tester for compressed test cycles and JIRA for defect management.

  • Accelerated time-to-market through automation by compressed testing cycles, that helped save in costs with effective SQA transformation model
  • Maximized ROI through testware reusability and resource optimization.

Our Unique Offerings

GAVS is uniquely positioned to optimize resources and reduce costs through independent SQA services. Our move from product-based models to customer-centric models facilitate cost-effective Software Quality Assurance (SQA) services through a unified testing model focused on business lines.

Based on the benefits, businesses can:

  • Accelerate time-to-market through automation by compressing testing cycles
  • Save over 40% in costs with effective SQA transformation model and reduced resource utilization
  • Maximized ROI through test ware reusability and resource optimization
  • Integrate SQA model aligned with their business lines and provide end-to-end SQA services through onsite-offshore model to reduce cost
  • Enable Test automation for legacy systems
  • Asses the system stability and performance through end-to-end system testing
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance sustaining business reputation

Testing Strategy

Whether Agile, DevOps or waterfall SDLC model, GAVS helps businesses chalk out a test strategy that meet the requirement of your business lines. We provide a comprehensive strategy for successful SQA activities to help organizations reduce IT cost, enhance system availability, and optimize resource utilization.


GAVS’ Testing Approach

Our testing approach is determined based on the business approach to SQA activities, budget, schedule and other contributing factors. It includes:

  • Proactive test approach
  • Reactive test approach

We provide a comprehensive strategy for successful testing services to help organizations reduce IT cost, enhance system availability, and optimize resource utilization.


Our Unique Offerings

GAVS’ SQA capabilities are built on extensive software testing experience and consulting expertise besides deep technological capabilities.


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