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IT risk is the most dynamic of all organizational risks. Faced with new threats disrupting their business, organizations’ IT risk and compliance strategies must include processes and steps to mitigate and overcome any system access, vendor risk, business continuity, disaster recovery, change management, physical security and much more.

GAVS’ risk and compliance solutions enable businesses to quickly adapt and meet IT GRC challenges through automation led infrastructure services, enabled by smart machines, DevOps & predictive analytics. GAVS focus is on improved user experience and reduce resource utilization through innovation technology in governance, risk and compliance, Identity and access management, and cloud orchestration.

Our solutions include:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Risk & compliance

Our solutions allow organizations to:

  • Define policies, processes, and governance
  • Implement and integrate end-to-end risk processes
  • Provide an overall organizational risk view
  • Proactively address compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Create actionable reporting dashboard for effective decision making

Risk and compliance

Both the work redundancy and the maintenance cost of multiple point software solutions causes the cost of compliance and risk management to increase significantly. GRC solutions provide a clear and direct process for delivering a single and centralized point for the organization and eliminate duplicate and redundant work.

GAVS’ GRC Solution provides a simple and effective framework that can mesh with your IT Risk and Compliance processes to provide business insight and smart governance. Applying our expertise in smart machines, predictive analytics, and advanced digital technologies, we enable organizations to achieve a high-functioning, integrated risk and control environment.

By taking an integrated GRC process approach and deploying it as a single system to handle the multiple compliance and risk initiatives across the organization, it can have a direct impact on the following:

  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Eliminate all redundant work in various initiatives
  • Eliminate duplicative software, hardware, training and rollout costs as multiple governance, risk and compliance initiatives can be managed with one software solution
  • Provide a single point of view for employees, management, auditors and regulatory bodies

By automating several of the compliance processes, businesses can achieve:

  • Faster time to answers about the business context from highly visual, interactive dashboards
  • Easier access to business insights with interactive data visualizations
  • Better business outcomes, performance and smarter decisions
  • Trusted data for more consistent decisions without data drift or duplication
  • Deploy IT compliance technologies faster
  • Reduce security and compliance risks, costs and disruptions from audit requests
  • Increased visibility into your organization’s security and compliance posture
  • Reduce IT audit and control deficiencies
  • Manage compliance completely with a risk-based approach

Identity Access Management

The dynamic and evolving IT landscape transformation mandates that the Identity and Access Management services becomes an important part of IT planning and strategy. Innovative technologies including big data, cloud, IoT, analytics and mobile have challenged the way businesses operate. They need to protect their valuable assets as threats continue to evolve with the prominence of BYOD, always on connectivity, and internet.

IAM strategies often operate in data silos placed in various departments including security, application development, business operations etc. Each department customizes their strategies based on their business goals. The lack of interaction/collaboration among them can lead to resource access mismanagement, loss of productivity, and security breaches. In order to successfully deploy a robust IAM solution, enterprises must cross several hurdles.

GAVS Identity and Access Management provide an end-to-end solution that offers:

  • Password Management
  • Access Request & Approval
  • Role based access Provisioning
  • Analytics & Access Risk
  • Risk based Access Certification
  • Single Sign-On & Federation
  • Authentication
  • Authorization and Entitlements
  • Privileged Account Management
  • API Management and Security
  • Extended Enterprise – Mobile & Cloud

Risk and compliance

A dynamic enterprise wide risk and compliance management is required if an organization expects risk coverage that complement the existing business objectives, financial reporting processes and enables the company to identify and respond quickly to changing conditions.


Identity Access Management

Our identity and access management solutions easily integrate with your existing solutions to implement a quick and cost effective IAM process. We provide Identity Management, Access Management, single sign-on (SSO), access governance, identity tracking and Active Directory (AD) administration and many more solutions which provide a balanced access control in local, mobile and cloud environments. Our solutions use integrated identity information to create, modify, and delete identities and control their access.


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