Remote Infrastructure Monitoring


GAVS platform for Remote Infrastructure Monitoring (RIM) Services enable IT personnel to directly support the efforts of remote infrastructure operations and management software. Through a centralized location, we can remotely and proactively track critical system parameters and identify potential problems before they affect your business.

Businesses gain insight, control, and predictability over their IT infrastructure through our predictive analytics and Cloud expertise. They can leverage our Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIF), AIOps and RUM services to achieve better performance and business goals.

The Network Operation Centers (NOC) are setup in geo-redundant locations with high-speed internet connectivity and with complete failover capability in case of any geo-political emergencies.

We take care of remote monitoring operations that include service desk, network, database, server, storage, application and performance tuning, backup and storage operations, etc. Companies can leverage our vast experience in the scalable and agile RIM solutions in emerging technologies to help increase efficiency, maximize uptime, and reduce costs through

  • Automated monitoring of system performance trends
  • Identifying and responding to existing and potential problems quickly and easily
  • Improve IT personnel’s trial-and-error troubleshooting time
  • Avoid critical data loss and corruption
  • Customized and unified dashboard for reporting, analysis on productivity and performance

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