Product UI/UX Development

We believe that a simple yet functional User Interface(UI) and an engaging User Experience(UX) are key to successful long term adoption. Our UI/UX design will keep things intuitive, conversational & feature-light for the user, but under the hood will facilitate a variety of needs, processes, intricate tasks, user roles and workflows.  A lot of research goes into our UI/UX design to arrive at an optimal mix of functionality and ease of use.

Key Features


  • Defining the customer’s key business objectives
  • Understanding how users will use the product
  • Mapping out User Personas
  • Aligning business objectives with user expectations
  • Understanding Workflows
  • Competitor Analysis

UI Design

  • Visual Design with focus on Branding & Appeal
  • Interaction Design with focus on Interactivity, Conversational UI, Responsive Design

UX Wireframing/Prototyping

  • Interactive prototypes
  • User testing of the prototypes
  • Iterations based on testing results, user feedback


  • Working with the UI/UX designers, developers on the finalized design
  • Tracking adherence to business goals
  • Integration & Testing
  • Analysis & Iterations

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