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Customers can leverage our Intelligent Cloud Services that work around your data center and the Azure Cloud to handle web, client-server, and middleware application workloads hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Our Business Process Productivity services empower customers to leverage the full potential of Microsoft’s current and emerging technologies to modernize their business applications or build custom business solutions for optimized business processes. Acting as a link between the two services, More Personal Computing is fully geared towards next-age desktops/applications and secure mobility, to offer superior user experience to customers across devices.

Intelligent Cloud

Over the years, the Microsoft data platform – in the form of SQL Server and supporting services, has served very many enterprises and has continued to expand. The logical extension to cater to the increased data volumes and higher needs for business insights have resulted in the expansion of the data platform onto Azure Cloud.

GAVS can help you embrace new paradigms in data center workload management like containers, microservices, immutable infrastructure, and serverless architectures. Customers can leverage Azure’s middleware platform to build and manage cloud-scale applications through our fully automated services using a tool and framework-based approaches backed by Microsoft recommended tools & techniques that enable you to do more with less.

GAVS’ Azure Data Services

  • Azure SQL Database – OLTP & SaaS Administration
  • Azure SQL Datawarehouse Administration
  • SQL Database Availability & Scalability on Cloud
  • Big Data Storage Management & Administration
  • Big Data Ingestion & Event Stream Management
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Insights
  • Data Visualization & Mobile BI Reporting

These data services empower organizations to meet all of their data management and data insight needs on Azure, whether it is mission-critical OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) workloads, multi-tenant SaaS application workloads requiring high flexibility, or elastic data warehouses built with massively parallel processing architectures. With the exponential growth in unstructured data, we augment traditional SQL Server databases with unstructured data integration through Hadoop-based Big Data platforms.

And of course, raw data without the application of analytics is not of much use, and so our cloud-based analytics capabilities powered by Microsoft deep learning platforms like Azure Machine Learning, Embedded R/Python, and SSAS work towards extracting actionable insights from the data. To deliver compelling visualizations that are mobile-enabled, interactive, and dynamic – and to keep pace with the modern business user, we leverage services based on Power BI and SSRS Mobile Reports.

More Personal Computing

GAVS provides a set of services packaged as Desktop Application Modernization services that enable enterprises to move away from outdated & legacy applications and modernize the enterprise end-user experience. These services use a wide variety of newer development platforms from Microsoft.

The Microsoft Bot Framework provides enhanced user experience through its conversational user interface. Cortana offers new ways to develop voice-assisted applications, where the user can converse with the application in his language of choice.

The technology landscape is increasingly dynamic with multiplatform and multitenant applications working in collaboration. There are a considerable number of enterprise users who use both Windows and non-Windows devices for their business needs. Xamarin is a cross-platform development framework, which uses development tools like Visual Studio and the .net framework to create cross-platform applications.

Next-gen applications go beyond the traditional look and feel to provide mixed reality experiences, where the physical world is augmented with a virtual world. These applications are driven by AI-led cognitive capabilities through Cognitive Services that are part of the Azure Platform. For instance, Language Understanding (LUIS) is a machine learning-based service that aids applications to become natural language-enabled.

Common Tasks across all Application Development Services

  • Identification and analysis of current application landscape
  • Recommendations for application modernization
  • UI and conversational experience design based on usability patterns & target devices
  • App development using Visual Studio with SDK per specific application need
  • Integration with Azure back end services to provide cognitive intelligence
  • Testing using Xamarin Test Cloud, Visual Studio, and simulators for mixed-reality applications
  • Publishing to respective application stores
  • Channel configuration for conversational applications, on Skype or Teams for example
  • Monitoring end-user experience with services like Azure Application Insights or HockeyApp

Business Process Productivity

While GAVS’ Intelligent Cloud Services provide Hyper-Scale Infrastructure and More Personal Computing provides next-generation apps for the modern desktop, enterprises still need productivity tools for employees to effectively communicate, collaborate, and manage their day to day work. GAVS empowers business users with quick-start templates to solve business problems & to share solutions across the enterprise with these offerings:

  • Custom business application development
  • Business workflow automation
  • Self-service BI

Low-code Framework for significant gains in productivity and speed of delivery

GAVS’ data-centric and extensible low-code framework built on the Microsoft low-code application platform Power Apps, simplifies the complexities in the base platform and reduces the number of components required, delivering drastic productivity gains at lowered TCO.

GAVS’ Customer Success Story on the Microsoft Partner Portal

Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud Services work around your data center and the Azure cloud to deliver tremendous business value and high return on investment. They provide data services that help you gain insights from both human & machine-generated data – structured or unstructured, and backend intelligence for new-gen applications. It’s all about driving greater business outcomes by addressing the complexities of modern applications with intelligent infrastructure.


More Personal Computing

The world has moved beyond desktops. Consumers are turning to devices like tablets & smart phones for the ease of use and great user experience they offer. With expertise and experience in .Net based development, Azure Cognitive Intelligence Services, and new frameworks like Bot, GAVS aspires to take customers on the modernized desktop journey and deliver enhanced user experience on desktops as well.


Business Process Productivity

GAVS leverages its expertise in the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud ecosystem and experience in the Microsoft Development Platform to enable business process orchestration through custom business app development, business workflow automation, and self-service BI. We leverage Microsoft’s low-code application platform Power Apps to enable significant increase in app development productivity and Time to Market.


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