Managed Storage Services

Our storage solutions enable your business to manage explosive data growth and provides them with valuable insights to leverage opportunities in the emerging cloud-based storage. With our solution, you can optimize storage investments for greater efficiency and value.

We complement the existing storage infrastructure with a diverse portfolio of solutions to helps you assess, plan and design a more consolidated, flexible and resilient storage environment. It will help you to implement, migrate and optimize your IT infrastructure which enables your business to quickly respond to market changes.

Benefit of leveraging GAVS Storage services:

  • Exclusive focus and expertise in storage domain
  • Reduced risk with end-to-end specialists and faster time to market
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Business continuity, backup and data protection
  • Data archive to meet relevant compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Data migration services to create flexibility, minimize migratory costs, unplanned downtime and outages
  • Digital capacity to counter scaling business needs through storage modernization
  • 24/7×365 support for both global onsite and offshore service delivery model to reduce operation cost

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