Managed Server Services

We manage both physical and virtual servers, and the services can be tailored to specific requirements in terms of capacity dedication, service levels, upgrades and report regime. Security and vulnerability assessment are part of the ongoing maintenance, availability, capacity optimization and scalability issues that enterprises face in their IT server infrastructure management operations.

We work closely with you to design, build and run the server infrastructure systems and services that you rely on and take advantage of leading edge server and cloud technologies to facilitate business growth and reduced complexity.

Our services manage the ever-evolving components of your enterprise so that all of your assets are operational and secure 24/7, monitored and maintained, your environment stays optimized, scalable and available.

GAVS Managed Server services provide you with:

  • Higher availability and service level through built-in redundancy, which in turn reduces vulnerability
  • Resilient support infrastructure designed for enhanced reliability
  • Simple, cost-effective and predictable services
  • Stable, reliable and safe operations with great flexibility and scalability
  • Proactive monitoring of availability, capacity and safety
  • Enhanced physical security, access control, redundancy and data security
  • Logical security includes firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Standardized, tested and efficient installation of new servers
  • Complete asset control with flexible and dynamic contract periods

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