Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a proactive approach that comes with a comprehensive set of security defence components starting from monitoring, threat intelligence, threat hunting to intelligent incident analysis, and response.

The GAVS Approach

Speed is key to immunize networks, systems & data against cyber threats, and to protect from financial & reputational loss. GAVS’ Managed Detection and Response augments the capabilities of cutting-edge security solutions with an artificial intelligence-driven, integrated security approach that provides greater visibility of threat vectors across the IT landscape, constant monitoring, proactive detection, alert prioritization and accelerated incident response.

The GAVS Difference

  • ‘Follow the Sun’ global delivery model
  • Over 8 years of experience in frontline security operations
  • 24×7 monitoring, with cyber experts available across all time zones
  • Choice of flexible support hours
  • Automation platform with playbooks and response workflows
  • Red team well versed in the latest cyber kill chains
  • Security analysts with deep domain expertise & rich consulting experience
  • Curated industry-specific threat intelligence
  • Periodic reviews and proactive identification of gaps & remediations to the security posture
  • Extended support through the Security COE team as required

GAVS’ analysts perform round-the-clock alert monitoring and analysis, with massive scalability to adapt to spikes in threat volumes. GAVS uses the monitoring features of its leading-edge AIOps platform ZIF, but can also leverage any in-house AI-based monitoring solution, and fine-tune suitably to the baselines & challenges evidenced in the environment.


The team of cybersecurity experts detects intrusions and conducts static & dynamic analysis to examine a sample’s behavior. The team analyzes each of the steps in the expanded kill chain model and builds capabilities to detect and mitigate attacks within each of the steps. Behavior analysis is done by dedicated SOC analysts who understand the environment’s unique characteristics.


Our threat hunting experts go beyond log sources, and proactively investigate the enterprise infrastructure to identify potential compromise, or for a breach activity that a hacker might initiate at a later stage. They use manual and automated approaches to look for suspicious actors that bypass security controls.

Threat Hunting


GAVS’ Threat Intelligence service helps accelerate the detection of anomalous activity with proprietary threat intelligence, specific to the enterprise’s threat landscape. Threat intelligence aggregation data is produced from various validated threat sources sharing Indicators of Compromise (IOC) information. Analysts then enrich internal alerts with this external information and context, thereby accelerating triage, scoping, and containment of the incident.

Threat Intelligence


GAVS provides 24×7 incident response coverage by bringing together the automation and remediation features of the ZIF AIOps Platform, and a team of seasoned incident responders with rich response experience in major breaches. They can rapidly investigate, contain the attack, and take remedial measures, working in tandem with the enterprise’s IT team. ZIF automation features include workflows and playbooks for routine aspects of incident management, triaging, and response.


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