IT Infrastructure Reengineering


In an ever-changing business environment, many technologies become obsolete as more advanced technologies become available. Most of the businesses today are looking to upgrade and modernize their present IT applications to keep abreast with changing trend and customer demand. IT Infrastructure reengineering and migration enable business enterprises to leverage on the benefits of state-of-the-art technologies.

GAVS IT Infrastructure reengineering helps enterprises to migrate from their current legacy systems/platforms to a new and better platform, with minimal risk. The transition from an existing system to a new system is a demanding and challenging process involving the convergence of technologies or streamlining of business functions.

Our services enhance the scope for overall growth and progress and additionally offer operational efficiency, cost reduction and improved information assets.

GAVS’ Reengineering Approach

Our Infrastructure reengineering and migration services helps enterprises to transform their existing systems to more robust systems with use of emerging and latest technologies to support and enhance the new business initiatives. Similarly, we can help you to upgrade your business processes in order to keep abreast with the technological enhancements, and thereby reduce the costs of maintaining and upgrading existing applications.

Our services deal with all aspects of your IT infrastructure including but not limited to Desktop Management, Helpdesk and Service Desk support to ensure

  • Re-use investments in legacy applications and ensure complete utilization of resources
  • Understand the pain points in legacy applications
  • Perform application analysis / reverse engineering to create use cases for target application
  • Software development in target technologies using the latest application development products and tools
  • Elimination of system bottlenecks associated with business performance
  • Increased scalability in tandem with the needs of your enterprise
  • Integration capabilities and improved access to data
  • Optimize ROI, faster time to market and flexibility
  • Exceptional end-user experience to create a customized, collaborative, and agile environment for users
  • Automate services to enhance end user experience, consistent performance, and application delivery, improved functionalities and workflow management
  • Manage the set of communication devices and user services
  • Effectively shift to the next generation of SMAC enabled workspace
  • Implement a visible, controlled, measurable and efficient business environment
  • Provide secure workspace for employees

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