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GAVS Technologies is committed to enabling enterprises to utilize the power of Blockchain Technology towards their business needs. We understand the current roadblocks in enterprise adoption of blockchain. Quite unlike other technologies where an organization can invest in new initiatives based on their own capabilities, blockchain needs a partner ecosystem and support from multiple stakeholders both inside and outside the enterprise.

To ease the adoption of blockchain, GAVS’ blockchain services use a 3-step approach. We provide a framework to use blockchain for Master Data Management (MDM) and leverage it for Intra-Enterprise needs like data security, compliance with regulations like GDPR & CCPA, consent management, and master data governance. Based on the readiness of the initial implementation, we extend our Blockchain Framework for MDM with various Business to Business (B2B) scenarios and then move onto Business to Consumer(B2C) use cases. We also focus on creating thought leadership, and intensive research in this technology, for which we have filed patents.

Gartner Market Guide

Gartner recognized GAVS for our Blockchain Consulting & PoC Services. We made it to Gartner’s list of ‘Representative Technology Services Providers’ for Blockchain, in their Market Guide for ‘Blockchain Consulting and Proof-of-Concept Development Services’.

Everest Group

The Everest Group recognized GAVS for Enterprise Blockchain Services in their PEAK Matrix TM for ‘Enterprise Blockchain Services 2020’.This was based on a data-driven, comparative assessment of blockchain service providers across several key dimensions like market success and delivery capability.

Blockchain Offerings

Although MDM tools have been in existence for a while now, they are limited by the shortcomings of a Centralized Database Model. Given the importance of Master Data for enterprises and the limitations of the current centralized model, GAVS has developed a unique MDM Framework on Blockchain, which provides complete end-to-end tooling and framework support for enterprises to build or extend their Master Data Management on Blockchain.

For Enterprise Adoption Of Blockchain, we offer:

Rhodium xMDM: Using our patent-pending Framework Rhodium, this offering will extend the Enterprise Master Data (Golden Record) and make it seamlessly shareable across multiple sub-entities spread across geographies, and with external stakeholders as well.

Given below are some key features that differentiate MDM from Rhodium’s Extended MDM(xMDM)

Gartner predicts that organizations using Blockchain Smart Contracts will increase overall data quality by 50% since the continuous verification makes data more accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Gartner goes on to say that blockchain smart contract adoption will have a profound impact on analytical decision making since it enhances the transparency, speed, granularity, and quality of decision making. The data availability challenges as mentioned by Gartner in this context are taken care of by Rhodium xMDM, since it facilitates de-centralized data governance and fine-grained access control at the intra organization level.

Rhodium xMDM will enable the transformation of Master Data and Data Sharing across industry verticals like:

  • Manufacturing: OEM & Supplier collaboration
  • Healthcare: Patient Information Interoperability & Patient Consent Management
  • Consumer-Facing Industries: Customer Master Data Management & Compliance with privacy legislations like CCPA

Regulatory Compliance

Today there is an increased responsibility for organizations to address consumer privacy concerns and organizations look to emerging technologies to bring Digital Ethics into their operations. With the powerful combination of cryptography-based Master Data Management and Consent Management capabilities of Blockchain, organizations can become compliant with regulations like GDPR or CCPA and provide robust data privacy and security to their consumers.

You can find more information on this in our Whitepaper Blockchain Solution for CCPA Compliance and in Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020.

Rhodium B2B

With B2B trade and related overheads accounting for trillions of dollars annually, Rhodium xMDM can help drive easier collaboration, operational & cost efficiencies and robust security for contracts and other transactions.

GAVS helps enterprises get started with their B2B use cases by first educating them about the need for blockchain and providing a working model to highlight the positive business outcomes from its adoption.

The framework empowers the primary business organization to bring all stakeholders in agreement, with a Proof of Concept that can provide a 360-degree view of the use case, including the different stakeholder perspectives.

Rhodium B2C

The ultimate power of the trust-based platform enabled by blockchain is best realized when it goes beyond organizational boundaries, to the end customer. The trust and transparency enabled by blockchain will lead to new business models for these organizations.

For instance:

  • Loyalty programs by retail and manufacturing organizations reaching end consumers directly without intermediaries
  • Healthcare analytics companies giving blockchain-based tokens as incentives to customers who share their healthcare data for medical research, which can be used for co-pay or other medical expenses

Since Rhodium xMDM provides the foundation for management of consumer consent, extending the same architecture to other powerful B2C scenarios will be transformative.

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