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MDM Framework on Blockchain

Organizations are now investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The success of such Enterprise Transformation initiatives is heavily  dependant on the quality of the supporting  Master Data. Hence, the MASTER DATA of an enterprise is one of its most  critical assets.

The following  list is a representative  subset of  Business Entities that are classified as Master Data.

  • Customers
  • Patients (Healthcare)
  • Parts (Manufacturing)
  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Dealers
  • Accounts
  • Locations
  • Plants/Warehouses (Manufacturing)

While  MDM Tools,  i.e.  the  toolset and framework  designed  to  enable  organizations to  Define, Collect, Manage and Share the  Master Data have been in existence for a while now, they are limited  by  the  shortcomings  of  a  Centralized Database Model.

 GAVS Master Data Management  Framework On Blockchain

Realizing  the  importance  of  Master Data for enterprises  and the limitations of the  current centralized  model,  GAVS  has  developed  a  unique  MDM  Framework On Blockchain,  which provides  complete end-to-end tooling and  framework support for enterprises  to build their  Master Data Management  on  Blockchain.

The following  are the  salient  features  of  the GAVS Master Data Management  Framework On Blockchain, which can  be adopted  by  any  enterprise  and  can be customized for their specific  needs.

  • Multi-domain, Multi-entity, Multi-version Master Data Management
  • Role-based access for stakeholders like  Data Steward, Data Producer, Data Consumer and Data Quality Manager, authenticated  by an organization-wide directory
  • Support for embedding Metadata
  • Support for different models of  Data Stewardship
    • by Business Entity
    • by Geography
    • by Business Function
  • Advanced Search features, extensive semantic full-text searches
  • Duplicate identification & elimination with Match and Merge Logic, using  Semantic  Search features,  which will help  prevent data sprawl & maintain a single version of truth
  • Support for Data Dictionary
  • Resolution of multi-geography latency issues by appropriate setup of the Blockchain network
  • Event-driven  mechanism  ensures master data change notifications to all participants, so they  can  act accordingly
  • Potential to transfer ownership of Personally Identifiable Information to  the end customer through a mobile-based Blockchain Wallet  Interface
  • Support for Use Cases like
  • Advanced Collaboration between OEM and Part Manufacturers in manufacturing organizations
  • Sharing of Electronic Health Records between Healthcare providers, to enhance patient care, while still protecting patient  privacy
  • Step-by-step limited rollout to ease organizations into their Blockchain implementations, for instance, without involving their partners in phase 01 and subsequent scope expansion to B2B scenarios
  • Support for organizational move towards Token Economy by  linking the concept  of  Tokens with Master Data
  • Hosted using cloud-based PaaS  and  IaaS, hence eliminates the need for Capital Investment by the customer
  • Development and  Customization  of  Framework  done   using  High Productivity and  Low Code Development  (HPaaS)  from  This keeps the  TCO  of the  customized  MDM platform  much  lower than the  current  legacy solutions.  There will be a further reduction in cost if the customer already  has  licenses for the  Microsoft Business Application Platform.

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GAVS Blockchain Services to  enable Blockchain Adoption

Since Blockchain is one of the newest technologies on the block, organizations are cautious and in a wait and watch mode

  • Most organizations are not sure if they would need to implement Blockchain or the level of adoption required
  • If they do decide to try it out, identifying the right use cases and elucidating the expected impact of blockchain on the use cases is the next challenge
  • Another hurdle is getting an impactful PoC ready, to convince stakeholders and to get business buy-in

Sensing these issues in enterprise adoption  of  Blockchain,  GAVS has developed tool-driven Blockchain  Assessment, Business Value Identification &  Proof of Concept  Execution services.

The 3 tool-driven components to eaze organizational adoption:

  • Assessment Framework: Wizard-like  questionnaire-driven  approach to  identify  the  organization’s current position in the Blockchain journey, its readiness and to understand the desired  future  level of adoption
  • Business Value Identification: Multi-model  approach  to model  multiple business scenarios from a Blockchain perspective and choose the ones with  the highest ROI for the business
  • PoC Framework: End-to-end working  Blockchain application (Dapp)

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Below are the potential use cases in your industry that can be disrupted and transformed by Blockchain.


  • Tracking government schemes to ensure that beneficiaries get the intended benefit
  • Land Registry maintained by local governments
  • Road transport, vehicle transportation and tracking traffic violations


  • Smart energy especially in electricity distribution between generators and consumers
  • Transparency between generation, transmission, distribution and consumers


  • Unified patient electronic health record
  • Reducing claim related fraud for payers
  • Tracing the drug manufacturing thus preventing counterfeit drugs


  • Tracking supply chain during manufacturing process
  • Tracing the substance of concern for OEM
  • Providing loyalty programs for end customers


  • Tracking the high value asset history (Provenance)
  • Preventing fraud in solving insurance claims
  • Reinsurance and associated risk mitigation


  • Master data management across subsidiaries and group companies
  • Know your customer across multiple banks to reduce due diligence costs
  • Peer to peer lending (avoiding intermediaries like banks)
  • Transforming the loyalty programs to provide improved customer experience
  • Tracking high value assets like real estate

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