ZIF End User Monitoring

End-user dissatisfaction can heavily impact your business. It is important to have the right monitoring solution for an enterprise’s IT environment. We offer a unified monitoring solution for all your IT environment needs – ZIF Monitor.

ZIF Monitor is a component of ZIF™ – our AIOps tool that ensures business continuity through real-time and proactive monitoring of the IT environment using applications of ML, predictive analytics & automation. The ZIF Monitor platform monitors all the layers involved in the user experience in real-time. The layers that are monitored include but are not limited to – applications, databases, servers, APIs, endpoints, and network devices.

The figure below depicts the capability of ZIF Monitor to cut across all layers of IT landscape from end-user to storage.

How ZIF uses End-User Monitoring?
The ZIF End Point Agent (ZIF EPA) deploys on an end-point device (Desktop, Laptops, VDIs, and more) and monitors resource availability of CPUs, local discs, applications, top resources consumers, and talkers via a network.

  • Biometric Authentication
    ZIF EPA monitors the identity of the user at end-point device and checks for user authenticity through biometric inputs at a random or periodic intervals based on the predefined configuration. This ensures the right user is using the end-point devices. The ZIF EPA resolves an authentication issue by immediately alerting the admin or performing a pre-configured action.
  • Productivity
    ZIF EPA offers real-time insight into parameters that reflect user productivity. It monitors active and idle time based on mouse and keyboard usage, Application usage, NIC traffic pattern & usage, etc.
  • Unauthorized Device and Usage Detection
    Unauthorized use (using banned devices, data capture, covering camera etc) can be detected based on behavioral patterns of use associated with a human being. Real-time alerts are made.


  • Resource Utilization: Optimize resource utilization (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network IO)
  • Resource Optimization: Discover available resource capacity across single or group of machines (CPU, Memory, Disk)
  • Productivity Measurement: Monitor Mouse/Keyboard/App usage, Nic traffic
  • Software, License & Patch updates: Get notified about the software which are not required to be installed or outdated as per organization standards
  • Root Cause Analysis: Identify processes (applications) consuming more memory, CPU, Disk
  • Compliance: Gain insight into the unwanted application or process running at your endpoint
  • Application Inventory: Understand the inventory of software installed on each endpoint

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