DevOps – SW Transformational Development and Operations

Some Key Features

  • Available on both On-Premise and Hosted models
  • Support for multiple Private and Public Cloud Deployment options
  • DevOps driven Engineering
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Cloud Management
  • Cloud Command Center

software development methodologies


  • Faster Time to Market
  • Improved Quality, Reliability, Security, Availability
  • Better Organizational Effectiveness
  • Business Agility through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Products
  • Improved Provisioning through automated Deployments and Self-service portals
  • Speed Deployments by aligning Development and Operations with Enterprise Architecture guidelines
  • Improved Production Performance Monitoring and Proactive Incident Management through Automation, Development and Collaboration
  • Strengthened Service Delivery, Automation of Dev + QA + Ops Processes and Management with a Common Lifecycle View

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