End-to-End Data Privacy and Data Protection

Data privacy has always been important and fast growing. An organization may possess the personal information of millions of customers – data that needs to be kept private so that customers’ identities stay safe and protected. Data breaches can be expensive, costing the company millions of dollars in data recovery and reputational damage. Data provides a critical foundation for every operation of an organization. Protecting and using it securely is central to a zero-trust strategy.

As the world adjusts to growing regulations across the globe, GAVS has developed robust privacy programs for better scale and performance, as well as tighter budgets.

GAVS’ data privacy services and solutions are designed to help orgnizations protect their information over the full data lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal. Our service offerings help organizations adhere to data privacy best practices and regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape. In any misuse of data or breach of personal information, GAVS helps in forensic identification of the scope & nature of the data breach, and efficient remediation & reporting of the event.


Key Challenges

  • The increasing adoption of cloud and mobile technologies
  • Significant rise in ransomware attacks
  • Phishing emails
  • Disclosure of personal/sensitive data
Maintaining Customer Trust

GAVS’ consulting practice helps clients determine appropriate solutions to protect personal data while ensuring compliance with ever evolving data privacy regulations. We evaluate business needs, conduct data privacy impact assessments, and develop strategies in line with applicable regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, CPRA, PDPB and other geography-specific privacy laws.

GAVS’ Focus Areas:

  • Being current in date privacy regulations & acts, leveraging a combination of AI, Automation, Predictive Analytics, and AIOps solutions
  • Design and implementation of controls and responses to protect data, to identify and report breaches, and to take timely action
  • High reliability in ensuring timely privacy risk and compliance, privacy by design, data readiness, impact and risk assessments across the business functions and 3rd parties
  • Legitimacy of Data Processing Agreement (DPA)/ Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) in customer contracts relevant to personal data, vendor risk assessment, data breach response assessment, data breach incident management, and data security controls assurance, with DPOaaS (Data Protection Officer as a Service)


For effective handling of risks and compliance, security and risk management leaders should:

  • Adapt the organization’s data strategies to the constantly evolving privacy landscape by developing a common baseline driven by applicable regulatory guidelines and privacy standards
  • Enable controlled system access and defined ownership of personal/sensitive data
  • Drive regular privacy risk assessments to proactively identify pain areas/gaps and build resilience
  • Strengthen internal controls and be meticulous with backups
  • Empower employees with routine awareness sessions on data protection

GAVS’  Value-adds

  • Ability to empower the key principles – Transparency, Legitimate Purpose, Proportionality
  • Strict adherence to and compliance with data protection laws & regulations
  • Anonymization & Pseudonymization to enable data analytics
  • Dedicated certified privacy specialists with superior contextual knowledge of client environment
  • Data breach notification and incident management
  • Data Privacy Office (DPO) with standard templates, playbooks, and guidelines
  • Dedicated Data Privacy Officer (DPO) as intermediary between the organization & regional supervisory authorities
  • Regular audits to ensure compliance and to proactively address potential data privacy risks

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