Data Center Consolidation & Migration


Constant business pressure to remain competitive, maintain high availability, reduce IT infrastructure costs, and become more efficient are driving organizations today. However, Data Center Migration and Data Center Consolidation should not be considered as an everyday task. This complex endeavor involves having a proper DC assessment, migration and implementation plan beforehand.

Data Center Consolidation and Migration Services

Data Center Consolidation and Migration Services allow enterprises better control of their data center assets and is the key to speed, agility, and minimized risks.

Emerging new technology trends, changing business conditions, mergers and acquisitions across the industry, obsolete legacy hardware/software platforms result in data center consolidation and migration as an inevitable part of an enterprise’s cost cutting endeavor and reduce redundancy while increasing efficiency.

The key drivers for data center consolidation & migration include

  • Shifting from Capex to Opex business model
  • Traditional on-premises data centers replaced by private, public, hybrid cloud architectures
  • Multiple Data centers spread across geolocations
  • Need for a centralized managed DC to eliminate data silos
  • Efficient Control and Management of DC infrastructure (H/W, S/W and firmware)
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Some of the consolidation technologies used in datacenters today include server, storage virtualization and network consolidation, physical to virtual migration, replacing bulk servers with smaller blade servers/ converged infrastructure/ hyper converged infrastructure which leads to better capacity planning and leveraging orchestration tools for process automation.

GAVS’ Data Center Approach

GAVS’ data center consolidation and migration services will help organizations evaluate their current state through a detailed DC assessment and recommend a suitable roadmap for planning and migration to be future ready.

The services are customized to align with the business needs and requirements and ensures minimal impact to businesses by deploying solutions that covers both infrastructure and applications. We can help organizations through an onsite/offshore delivery model that provide significant cost savings by deploying innovative tools and techniques.

Our delivery model is driven by innovative products, platforms and techniques including zMan (Automation as a service), zIrrus (Migrate your applications from on-premises to cloud), zDesk (Desktop as a Service), and GAVel (AIOps platform for smarter IT operations).

  • Align with the Digital business plans
  • Uniform communications Platform across the organization
  • Migration plan with budgeting for a partial/full-Time execution
  • Competent, certified and global experts for implementation

Benefits of DC consolidation and migration

  • Simplified application migrations with visibility, scalability and efficiency.
  • Long term cost savings despite initial high investment.
  • Minimize impact on business during the migration with automation and control measures
  • Improved security and compliance measures and controls to prevent data breaches
  • Simpler datacenter management (unified framework with centralized IT operations)

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