Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS)


Business agility and competitive advantage are the driving force for organizations to look at innovative services and ways to meet the IT demands of business.  GAVS’ DCaaS (Data Center-as-a-Service) management portfolio comprises the entire gamut of data center offerings for businesses to face today’s dynamic and competitive technology landscape. We provide end-to-end data center services that encompass all of the services and facility-related components or activities that support the implementation, maintenance, operation, and enhancement of a data center that’s the hub for processing, storage, networking capability, computing capacity and the distribution of data within an enterprise necessary to run your business productively.

Our DCaaS provides global businesses with an IT enterprise marketplace that enables dynamic self-service across multiple clouds, drives outcome-based financial management and enhances agility and scale.

The IT service management process automation and service orchestration has enabled us to accelerate our client’s digital evolution and provide an agile, intelligent and hybrid infrastructure. We help to create a strong datacenter environment that’s flexible and agile to handle the changing needs and unexpected opportunities for efficient business operations.

Some of our principal data center offerings include

  • Data center Assessment and Consulting
  • Data center Build and Migration
  • Data center Management

Datacenter Assessment and Consulting

Today’s high-density, consolidated, converged or virtualized data center is a complex environment. Every decision in the data center is critical and mistakes can be costly. GAVS’ data center assessment and consulting services allow the data centers to overcome the complexities in the maintenance of critical IT facility infrastructure when any new equipment/software is added to the DC.

GAVS’ process includes analyzing your existing infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability and availability to prevent glitches that can lead to failure or even downtime

GAVS can help you centrally manage your IT infrastructure to make efficient use of hardware and IT resources by providing your business with integrated value demonstrated in lowered cost of ownership, asset flexibility, and these infrastructure improvements:

  • Self-service capabilities
  • Capacity planning
  • Service-level management
  • Proactive systems monitoring

Datacenter Build and Migration

With ever-changing business dynamics, data center designs have become more customized and complex. That is why GAVS offers specialized DCaaS that supports evolving equipment standards and technology requirements. Our trained and dedicated team ensures your data center deployment is turnkey from start to finish.

Enterprises can leverage our datacenter migration services including:

  • Platform and Operating System Migrations – Server migration, UNIX migration, Linux migration, data migration & database migration, and application migration
  • Software Conversions – Converting applications, and code base (language) migrations
  • Platform and Operating System Upgrades – Upgrading capacity
  • Server and Storage Consolidations

Datacenter Management

According to market research, the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) market is growing exponentially and is driven by the demand for greener data centers and greater availability. IT managers face the old problems of power, cooling, data storage and load balancing. At the same time new trends like Big Data, IoT, cloud computing and virtualization are throwing up new challenges such as capacity planning, security etc.

GAVS provides Data Center Managers solutions that offer insights to enable a resilient environment where risk is minimized across the data center infrastructure (including network, power, IT equipment, applications software, and applications services), uptime is maximized, and services and applications can be delivered fast with minimal costs.

  • Automation, AIOps of changes to the infrastructure while providing a unified dashboard for information and a consolidated view across all facility, IT hardware, networks, and applications
  • Monitoring and visualization of the data center and the associated status/changes within and across all systems and locations.
  • Collection and analysis of DC information to determine how to optimize the data center operations for more efficiency and utilization of existing equipments
  • Have proper Disaster recovery and backup plans, procedures and processes in case of failure and failover of the data center

DCaaS Benefits

Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) from GAVS offers:

  • Assures agility, robustness, scalable capacity, and guaranteed performance
  • Assures predictable IT operations cost
  • Metrics driven infrastructure and process management
  • Facilitates transformation of data centers from cost centers into strategic assets
  • Lower IT operating costs and flexible payment model based only on usage
  • Support and services from certified experts for crisis management
  • Improves SLAs through standardized IT infrastructure architecture and support processes
  • Assured safety and security compliance appropriate to your data center’s location and jurisdictions
  • Low environmental impact, efficient power and heat density cooling

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