Cloud Transformation


Cloud adoption/transformation impacts every part of the IT organization, and its application portfolio. This needs a wide spectrum of business model, processes, application, and technical architecture changes. Cloud transformation is essential in realizing business value and hence, is an integral part of any IT strategy.
The Cloud Transformation services offered by GS Lab | GAVS help analyze the existing setup and design a consolidated and optimized roadmap to align transformation initiatives with business objectives. Our well-defined and structured approach help to identify the right cloud platform that enhances productivity, improve flexibility, security, and achieve significant cost savings.

We are enabled by industry-differentiating parternerships with AWS, Azure, GCP, RedHat, IBM Cloud, OpenShift, Databricks, Snowflake and Docker.

Our Offerings and Services

Infra Migration and Modernization

  • Identify and execute seamless migration of data and applications from on-premise to the desired cloud infrastructure with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.
  • Modernize your infrastructure for quicker time to market, reduced cost, enhanced revenue and stronger trust among customers.

Application Migration and Modernization

  • Identify key business goals and map them with your unique IT capabilties, technical requirements and enterprise security, compliance and constraints. Migrate applications seamlessly through Re-host, Re-platform, Refactor, Retire, etc.
  • Modernize and optimize existing legacy applications through containerization, microservices, orchestration and automation.

Data Migration and Modernization

  • Secure migration and modernization of sensitive organizational data, adhering to security and regulatory compliances.
  • Efficient processing of data, enhanced decision-making and easy accessibility with right data governance strategy in place.

Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

  • Unique mix of capabilities and partnerships with leading cloud vendors.
  • Ensure secure and smooth migration of workloads, minimal downtime, better scalability for growth and improve integrations.

UI/UX Revamp and Modernization

  • Helping you design the best-in-class applications through extensively researched, innovative and intuitve UI/UX services.
  • Focus on continuous improvement and customization according to business needs, with expertise in HTML, CSS, Angular, etc. and a Microservices Approach.

GS Lab | GAVS Advantage

Our Cloud Transformation services help migrate to cloud seamlessly, while ensuring connectivity, security, and flexibility, as well as integration of the existing applications. Our team focusses on ensuring the following:

  •          Proven cloud transformation framework
  •          No single point of failure
  •          Size instance as necessary
  •          Plan for growth
  •          Secure data in transit and at rest
  •         The right level of redundancy
  •          No wasted cycles
  •          Automation
  • These services enable a successful move to efficient data center environment, reduce costs and downtime, and enhance productivity.

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