Cloud Operations


As more and more companies turn to the cloud to manage their various applications and services, they often find it challenging to effectively deliver, optimize, and maintain good performance across single/multiple cloud platforms. This is where introducing new processes and defining clear roles becomes crucial. By doing so, organizations can better navigate the complexities of a multi-cloud ecosystem and achieve success in their operations.
At GS Lab | GAVS, we are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes harness the full potential of the cloud. Our range of cloud operations services is designed to enable companies to achieve operational excellence by aligning their DevOps, FinOps, and security efforts with the use of cloud-based tools, processes, and skillsets. By partnering with us, businesses can build and maintain a reliable and dynamic cloud infrastructure that delivers cost savings and performance benefits.

Our Services and Solutions


Leverage our services across CI/CD, infrastructure-as-code, and automation, to help streamline your workflows and accelerate time-to-market. Our expert team is skilled in a variety of tools and technologies, including Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible, to help you optimize your cloud environments.


Continuously maintain the security of your cloud environments, protect valuable assets and data, and maintain the trust of your customers and stakeholders. Our expertise across security monitoring, vulnerability management, and incident response, helps your business detect and respond to potential threats in a timely manner, while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.


Our FinOps services help optimize your cloud spending and achieve business value by aligning your finance, business, and technology functions. We offer a comprehensive analysis of cloud usage and cost drivers to inform strategic decision-making.

MLOps on Cloud

Build and deploy robust ML models on the cloud through our diverse range of services, including ML model development and deployment, monitoring and maintenance, and governance and compliance. Optimize performance and scalability while ensuring total security.

AIOps-Led Infrastructure Management

Our AIOps-led infrastructure management services leverage AI and ML to optimize and automate the management of cloud infrastructure. Powered by our award winning AIOps technology, we help you proactively identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring maximum service reliability and availability.

Application Management

Ensure continuous monitoring, management, and optimization of your critical cloud-based applications across single/multiple cloud platforms.

Site Reliability Engineering

Our team of SRE experts helps ensure higher availability, scalability and continuous improvement of your software and applications through microservices approach, containerization, Agile/DevOps and automation.

Success Stories

AWS Fargate based serverless architecture for a cloud management platform

Containerization of the deployment using Fargate, ensuring availability, scalability, and security with efficient resource utilization, resulting in 85% reduction in server costs and more secure immutable deployment.

Containerizing a VM based application and automating CI-CD

Delivered auto-scaling for a product that would also work cohesively with storage, logging & monitoring systems. Achieving 75% reduction in release cycles timelines and 100% reduction in manual efforts.

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