Cloud Native Engineering


Today’s fast-paced environment has led customers to demand continuous innovation, fast delivery, and unparalleled responsiveness. Cloud-native technologies offer businesses benefits that traditionally designed apps can’t – faster time to market, agility and increased availability. Organizations that choose the right cloud-native approach can avoid hassles in product development & deployment, and thus achieve a competitive edge.

At GS Lab | GAVS, we help businesses bring new ideas to market faster by navigating through the complex cloud-native technologies and empowering them to be more strategic, flexible, and increasingly agile. We support businesses with leading-edge tools and accelerators, global delivery models, DevOps practices, APIs, Big Data integration, continuous delivery, microservices, containerization and automation across multi-cloud environments, empowering you to accelerate your move towards a cloud-native model in a sustainable and repetitive manner.

Our Services and Offerings

SaaS Platform/Application Development

Build, test and deploy SaaS platforms and applications quickly with continuous delivery, scalability, and rapid recovery through a cloud-native approach. Build and run applications on private, public or hybrid cloud with minimal impact on regular operations and quality.

Cloud Agnostic Engineering

We help engineer cloud agnostic platforms, tools, applications and enable your shift to and from different cloud environments with no operational hurdles. We are backed by vast open-source tools and standards, containerization, Kubernetes, and robust CI/CD pipelines.

Microservices Implementation

Simplify your software architecture and build a scalable and distributed system to deploy, update and scale services, leveraging DevOps and agile methodologies to transform your business value.

Serverless Architectures

Run or build modern application and increase agility through serverless services like computation, storage, application integration, orchestration and more. Automatically scale as needed and increase value for money through pay-per-use model.

Technology Competencies


Make way for improved collaboration and easier innovation. Enable applications to transfer data and communicate easily and securely across multiple clouds or between cloud and on-premises applications.


Empower your business to respond to customer needs in near real-time and accelerate speed of deployment by building a shared ownership among all stakeholders while aligning organizational principles, tools, and practices to increase efficiency of your teams.


Ingrain security across your application and software with Robust Cloud Governance, Cloud Security Testing and Cloud Data Security.

Success Stories

Maximizing utilization of IoTized heavy vehicle fleets

Improved bottom-lines, reduced service downtimes and improved fleet efficiency using data from smart sensors. The owners had fingertip-access to crucial business insights in real-time.

Making a global weather services platform future-ready

For customer with multitude of products that served various aspects of weather domain across geographies. Developed a platform for unification and aggregation of features to make it future-ready, robust, and cost efficient.

Aged care facility for affordable & quality care

Developed portal for health care services used by clinical and administrative staff, sales, marketing, executives, HR, and more roles. Multiple integrations with other systems were done in order to ensure the flow of data across the ecosystem.

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