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Undertaking a cloud strategy is an efficient way to increase scalability, reliability and move your business ahead – that is when it’s done right, from the very start.

A Cloud Assessment process helps businesses to learn and understand the challenges of migrating to the cloud. It is the first step for businesses toward cloud transformation that focuses on providing best solutions and options based on their business requirements and objectives.

To help organizations migrate to cloud platforms, cloud assessment includes design, planning, implementation, and maintenance services. It should offer an independent, practical and vendor agnostic approach to cloud, and a wide variety of cloud platforms for customers to choose the right solution based on your needs.

GS Lab | GAVS’ Cloud Consulting and Advisory Services addresses the challenges associated with identifying applications for migration and securely migrating software and data to the cloud. It suggests an optimal cloud strategy and roadmap based upon an appropriate platform selection (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), cloud option evaluation (Public, Private or Hybrid), as well as cost benefit analysis.

Our team of experts will evaluate and provide insights to maximize investments, improve the operational efficiency of your cloud landscape, mitigate risk & ensure data compliance.

Our Approach

Cloud Assessment

Migration, Platform, and Security Assessment

  • Assessment of your IT requirements and readiness for adopting the cloud service.
  • Analysis of the infrastructure required for implementing cloud solution.
  • Defining the required cloud delivery model (public, private or hybrid)
  • Helping you choose the right cloud service provider.

Cloud Roadmap

Adoption, Architecture and Application Migration Strategy

  • Creation of a roadmap for migration based on workload, quality of service and security requirements, application usability and support, and technical platform details.

Cost Optimization Strategies

Reduce cloud costs and maximize your business value

  • Streamlining your infrastructure, platform, and software in the cloud for quick wins and fast ROI.
  • Defining more cost-efficient systems.
  • Identifying areas of unused resources for clean-up and rightsizing.

Cloud Security Consulting

Risk Management and Compliance

  • Detailed system review and analysis of infrastructure to map and manage cloud-relates risks against leading security standards
  • Identifying risks based on current security posture and suggest systematic strategy to reduce and mitigate them.

Cloud Assessment Phases


GS Lab | GAVS will formulate a robust and growth-oriented cloud strategy to address key business areas and responsibilities.


Based on the model of your business and requirements, we help you decide major factors like types of cloud (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS), cloud models (public, private or hybrid), hosting options, requirement analysis, architectural guidance and deployment plans.


You can leave it up to us to integrate your systems. We make sure the integration happens without any downtime and without affecting your existing systems.

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