Cloud Advisory and Transformation

GAVS’ cloud services leverage our innovative solutions, extensive implementation experience and rich experience in cloud & web scale IT applications and cloud technologies. GAVS’ zIrrus Platform powered by AIOps Platform ZIFTM acts as an end-to-end enabler of hybrid cloud orchestration.

GAVS enables seamless cloud migration & transformation through services that include Cloud Assessment & Advisory, Cloud Transformation, Hybrid Cloud Management, Azure Cloud Services, Business Continuity Management, and Disaster Recovery. Our cloud services strive to reduce your resource utilization through automation-led infrastructure services enabled by smart machines, predictive analytics, and cloud-enabled DevSecOps.

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Our offerings include:

  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Microsoft 365 Migration
  • Disaster Recovery

Cloud Assessment

Cloud Assessment helps businesses to learn and understand the challenges of migrating to the cloud. It is the first step for businesses toward cloud transformation that focuses on providing best solutions and options based on their business requirements and objectives.

To help organizations migrate to cloud platforms, cloud assessment includes design, planning, implementation, and maintenance services. It should offer an independent, practical and vendor agnostic approach to cloud, and a wide variety of Cloud platforms for our customers to choose the right solution based on their needs. 

GAVS’ Cloud Assessment Service addresses the challenges associated with identifying applications for migration and securely migrating software and data to the cloud. It suggests an optimal cloud strategy and roadmap based upon an appropriate platform selection (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), Cloud option evaluation (Public, Private or Hybrid), as well as cost benefit analysis.

Our team of experts will evaluate and provide insights to maximize investments, improve the operational efficiency of your cloud landscape, mitigate risk & ensure data compliance.

Our approach helps businesses to migrate to cloud. It involves;

  • Assessment of your IT requirements and readiness for adopting the cloud service
  • Analysis of the infrastructure required for implementing cloud solution
  • Defines the required cloud delivery model (public, private or hybrid)
  • Helps you choose the right cloud service provider
  • Streamlines your infrastructure, platform, and software in the Cloud for quick wins and fast ROI.
  • Creates a roadmap for migration based on workload, quality of service and security requirements, application usability and support, and technical platform details.

Each Cloud Assessment engagement consists of the following phases:


GAVS will formulate a robust and growth-oriented cloud strategy to address key business areas and responsibilities.


Based on the model of your business and requirements, we help you decide major factors like types of cloud (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS), cloud models (public, private or hybrid), hosting options, requirement analysis, architectural guidance and deployment plans.


You can leave it up to us to integrate your systems.  We make sure the integration happens without any downtime and without affecting your existing systems.

Cloud Transformation

Enterprises are moving towards offering IT as a service, with cloud playing a significant role. Cloud adoption/transformation impact every part of the IT organization, and its application portfolio. This needs a wide spectrum of business model, processes, application, and technical architecture changes. Cloud transformation is essential in realizing business value and hence, is an integral part of any IT strategy.

Cloud Transformation service offered by GAVS helps analyze the existing setup and design a consolidated and optimized roadmap to align transformation initiatives with business objectives. Our well-defined and structured approach help to identify the right cloud platform that enhances productivity, improve flexibility, security, and achieve significant cost savings.

Our Services include:

Assessment and Architecture Advisory

Assessment involves understanding the business drivers, goals, readiness state, compliance, optimization needs, and the impact of change management. As part of these services, we analyze workload, quality of service and security requirements, application usability and support, and technical platform details.

Strategy and Innovation Advisory

Enterprises can adopt Platform as a Service (PaaS) such as Windows Azure and eliminate the need for large-scale upgrade efforts with the help of our Strategy and Innovation Advisory. Our goal is to help enterprises realize the full potential of cloud and increase the ROI on their IT expenditure, mitigate risk of upgrades and its associated costs, and help innovation.

GAVS’ Migration Services

GAVS’ Migration services help migrate to cloud seamlessly, while ensuring connectivity, security, and flexibility, as well as integration of the existing applications. Our team focusses on ensuring the following:

  • No single point of failure
  • Size instance as necessary
  • Plan for growth
  • Secure data in transit and at rest
  • The right level of redundancy
  • No wasted cycles
  • Automation

These services enable a successful move to efficient data center environment, reduce costs and downtime, and enhance productivity.

Migrating SAP to Azure

With its agile infrastructure, Azure provides mission critical SAP applications with a path that minimizes downtime, risks and costs. GAVS’ migration approach of Assessment, Strategy, POC, Roadmap, Migration and Manage & Extend helps in successful migration of SAP to Azure and achieves scalability and agility at a lower cost. GAVS’ specialized advisory team with right mix of SAP, Azure & Network experts provide:

  • High availability and scalability and seamless integration with SAP
  • Quick deployment of SAP environment
  • 30% – 50% savings in IT operational cost
  • Removal all security vulnerabilities in infrastructure and SAP access
  • Improved system performance – swift increase in response time
  • Dashboard Monitoring – CPU Utilization, disk read/write percentage & backups

Click here to know how GAVS helped a leading FMCG player successfully migrate SAP to Azure and improved the operational efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Automated hybrid cloud management helps businesses achieve operational agility, improved IT governance and seamless integration of components within the enterprise. It can help improve efficiencies and time-to-market for applications and services that will differentiate your organization.

Hybrid management supports IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS components, ensures stability, scalability, SLAs, security and monitoring of cloud environments. It supports shared governance of technology and application standard, as well as virtual desktop infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud management services are simplifying transition to the cloud for businesses. It is both a process and a platform which governs how a hybrid cloud is managed. It is mainly due to the benefits in cost, agility, scalability and efficiency that enterprises are shifting to cloud.

GAVS delivers Hybrid Cloud Management as a service that manages a complete hybrid cloud ecosystem. The software provides high flexibility in terms of control and function. This combination of flexibility and control helps to deliver the goals that underpin cloud strategies for organizations of all sizes; resulting in greater agility, lower costs and better business outcomes:

  • Self-service access to cloud services and resources to maximize developer activity.
  • Effective management to empower your IT operations team with complete visibility across your enterprise’s entire multi-cloud environment.
  • Effective governance through policy management, security and performance.
  • Provide a single interface for cloud management software, APIs to connect to multiple clouds, that abstracts the complex storage, networking, provisioning, and security features.
  • Understand and enforce SLAs.

Analytics for preventing real time system outages and disruptions.

Azure Cloud Services

As a strategic partner for end-to-end cloud transformation, we can help your business – regardless of the cloud adoption maturity – with our extensive portfolio of cloud engineering & professional services, and extensive expertise in the Microsoft Azure platform.

We offer Azure Cloud Services as a separate Managed Service Offering, under these broad categories:


Our assessment & advisory services will help organizations leverage the cost-saving economies, scalability, and flexibility associated with cloud computing. We provide either short assessments or detailed ones that would take anywhere from six to ten-weeks.

Cloud Migration

Application Modernization

This enables innovation and differentiation by rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, or rebuilding custom Lines of Business (LoB) applications by leveraging Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Cloud-native Development

This helps customers develop cloud-native strategies leveraging DevOps, Continuous Delivery, APIs, Microservices, Containers, and Big Data integration capabilities, thereby accelerating the move towards a cloud-native model in a sustainable and repetitive manner.

Cloud Modernization

Modernization services help organizations build a comprehensive approach to move application workloads, data, and infrastructure to an enterprise-ready cloud. Tools and solutions developed in-house can help in faster migration of workloads, quicker provisioning & scaling, and building an agile infrastructure. Our services include Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Automation, Orchestration, and Migration

Cloud Operations & Optimization

These services include Resource provisioning, Cloud Support (Azure PaaS, Managed Azure Infrastructure Services, & Managed Azure Subscription), and Monitoring and Managing Azure Spend


  • 10+ years of partnership with Microsoft
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  • Several joint developments with Microsoft: IP & Frameworks
  • Proprietary multi-cloud compatible Cloud Orchestration Platform zIrrus for seamless application packaging,
  • Granular use of Azure AI and ML services in our solutions and managed services
  • 400+ professionals directly involved in modernizing legacy applications and migrating to Azure:
    • Re-platforming of several legacy application systems & best-in-class platforms to Microsoft Azure for one of the largest commercial jet manufacturers and several other customers
    • First to successfully migrate an SAP instance to Azure for one of the largest FMCG companies in the APAC region
    • Currently support 4000+ VM in Azure, and manage more than 500 TB of data with Azure Site Recovery (ASR) through our managed infrastructure services
  • First to build successful PoCs for:
    • Blockchain solution leveraging Azure services
    • GDPR based on Azure stack

Microsoft 365 Migration

GAVS can help establish highly secure, business-class email and collaboration channels with the Microsoft 365 solution suite. It brings together best-in-class apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Outlook along with OneDrive cloud storage and a set of cloud-connected services like SharePoint, Teams; Yammer. Microsoft 365 helps you work, communicate, and collaborate securely with your team anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With features like co-authoring, video conferencing, and advanced security and compliance, O365 helps you stay nimble and provide secure connectedness.

Key Challenges in Business Communication

  • Collaborative nature of employee deliverables
  • Massive digitalization of corporate data
  • Fragmented tools for communication & collaboration
  • Stringent data privacy regulations across industries
  • Increasing frequency and complexity of data breaches
  • Risk of heavy financial and reputational loss in the event of a data breach

Microsoft 365

Why Microsoft 365 for Secure Collaboration?

  • Swift and secure communication, collaboration & access
  • Consistent UX and centrally located tools
  • Enhanced productivity with cloud-connected and always up-to-date software
  • Advanced messaging features like priority notifications and message delegation
  • Communities for org-wide engagement, learning & sharing
  • Proactive prevention of security risks with Cloud App Security
    • Rich visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics
    • AI-led detection & remediation of advanced threats such as compromised users, insider threats, exfiltration, and ransomware
  • Comprehensive international and industry-specific compliance

Disaster Recovery

A reliable and cost-effective Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution is imperative to safeguard critical business applications and data, minimize financial losses, support productivity, and protect the company’s reputation. As a result, Cloud based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is gaining popularity, enabling small and medium sized businesses that lack the necessary skills and expertise, to set up a DR plan on their own. It has become an integral strategy for today’s organizations that are increasingly relying on automation, and high up-times for their application services and hardware.

GAVS is a certified Tier-1 Direct Cloud Solution provider as part of Microsoft CSP program.

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) service help ensure clients’ business continuity and adhere to policies and domain specific regulatory measures. Some of the main focus areas are risk assessment, strategy, architecture design, process implementation, testing and maintenance. Cloud based DR solutions such as Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is cost-effective and easy to implement which enables business continuity through orchestrated disaster recovery.

Our DR Services

Even small and medium scale organizations that do not have the resources to invest in heavy-duty architecture and hardware can leverage Azure. It has transformed the model of site recovery from an operational overhead to a convenient service-based framework with a pay-as-you-go model.

GAVS implements Azure Site Recovery to help businesses recover quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster. We offer the cost-effective cloud based solution on a DRaaS model to optimize business performance and enable agility.


  • We help migrate applications onto the cloud based on industry best practices, with no data disruption during migration.
  • We utilize the best of Azure tools and practices, ITIL based principles and well-defined SLAs for efficient business service management.
  • Our dedicated IT recovery experts harness the capabilities of ASR to deliver unique DR plans suited to individual business requirements.
  • In-depth expertise in identifying the ASR elements necessary to protect your workload and to help your business recover quickly.
  • Proven track record of helping clients reduce downtime by enabling them to recover quickly and successfully.
  • Maintaining low recovery point objective and recovery time objective – within your budget
  • Flexible DR services and plans to accommodate changing business needs.

Cloud Assessment

GAVS’ assessment and consulting services help customers evaluate the cloud as part of their IT delivery strategy, identify applications that can be migrated to the cloud, and assess the ideal target operating systems, processes, and technologies that are required for using the cloud. Our cloud consulting services include cloud readiness assessment services that helps assist large enterprises and SMBs in adopting cloud technologies.


Cloud Transformation

The true value of any cloud investment is realized when workloads run seamlessly off the cloud. Our offering helps align your cloud and business strategies, implement a practical cloud framework, and provide a detailed roadmap for implementation, optimizing the potential for transformation and help reduce the complexities and risks.


Hybrid Cloud Management

Many IT teams strive for a seamless hybrid cloud, garnering the best from private and public cloud infrastructure. A well-designed hybrid cloud is needed to make strategic workload placement decisions and allow workloads to seamlessly function across hybrid boundaries.End-to-end visibility, security and automation are vital aspects that the hybrid cloud management offers to enterprises.


Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud services that allows you to build, manage & deploy applications on a massive global network. With security & privacy built into the platform, and with a comprehensive set of compliance offerings, Azure offers unparalleled security, standards conformance & regulatory compliance.

We are a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, enabling customers to consume Azure at list price and avail our secure design, implementation, and managed services.


Microsoft 365 Migration

For quick communication or data exchange between employees at work, it is always easier and faster to use messaging apps. However, convenient communication comes at the cost of security and compliance. Especially so now with industry regulations becoming more stringent, and sophisticated data breaches becoming more prevalent, the use of unregulated apps for business communication could be putting the organization at severe risk.


Disaster Recovery

You need proven and cost-effective cloud disaster recovery solutions that get your business up and running in minutes – day or night.The cloud allows disaster recovery to become much more cost-effective with significantly faster recovery times. Companies can now benefit from having a supplementary data backup replace their primary or secondary data centers with cloud automation, flexibility and availability in case of any disaster.


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